Russell Dupuy 05 Dec 2018 By Russell Dupuy

Has your fuel been stolen, or just lost? Understanding your losses with a fuel management system

Fraud can happen anywhere – online, in big companies, and even in petrol stations. Retail petroleum fraud occurs when fuel is stolen directly from the station dispensing it, generally in the form of undercharging or overcharging customers. It is widespread in some parts of the world, and at times it can be incredibly hard to spot. From cooking the books to ...

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27 Sep 2017

Fuelsuite announced as finalist in 2017 Victorian Premier’s Sustainability Awards

Media release, 14 September 2017 Carrum Downs company Environmental Monitoring Solutions Pty Ltd [EMS] has been announced as a finalist in the Small and Medium Enterprises category in this year’...

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21 Sep 2017

Keep your customers and employees safe with Fuelsuite

We don’t often associate refrigeration and beverage dispensing machines with retail petroleum risk management. However, two issues present risk when thinking about the typical petrol convenience store: ...

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18 Sep 2017

Future of retail petroleum automation

Historically, from the 1900s to 1980’s, the typical retail petrol station required only the most basic components to fill consumers vehicles, consisting primarily of tanks, piping, dispensers, a ...

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09 Sep 2017

Is fuel theft during transport a problem for you?

Fuel theft from petroleum tankers in transit or during border delays is, according to a recent study, an extremely significant problem for many petroleum marketers. This is not ...

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04 Sep 2017

How can I protect my sites from fuel pricing errors?

Recent changes to Australian fuel pricing laws have shaken the petroleum retail industry. Fuel retailers in NSW Australia are now legally required to report fuel prices to the ...

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03 Sep 2017

Is retail fuel theft a problem for you?

Petroleum retailers are challenged with fuel theft on a daily basis, where the focus is primarily on “drive-offs”, or what is often referred to as external theft. Prepayment ...

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28 Aug 2017

Is it really a valid Emergency Stop alarm?

Do you know how often your Emergency Stop (E-Stop) alarm is activated, reset or tested to confirm it actually works? A few of our clients needed to know ...

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22 Aug 2017

Petrol station automation

Is a lack of automation harming your retail petroleum enterprise? Recently, I was invited to present at the Institute of Engineers Australia speaking event, ‘Retail Petroleum a case ...

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02 Aug 2017

Would your fuel site pass a surprise compliance audit?

To ensure fuel sites are compliant and that their leak prevention measures are working, the EPA has been conducting random on-site audits. In the two years since the ...

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06 Jul 2017

Six simple ways to avoid inconclusive status calls on SIR reports

Don’t let unknown or inconclusive inventory data put your site at risk Building a complete picture of your site’s operating environment doesn’t have to be ...

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09 May 2017

How Fuelsuite revolutionised fuel management for Viva Energy

The management of fuel stocking, storing, monitoring, and reporting can be complicated and time consuming work, irrespective of whether you are a small site owner or have hundreds ...

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23 Mar 2017

5 tips to get accurate SIR data

  You’ve just received your monthly SIR Report and your tank has not passed. The SIR data results say the tank is losing fuel. If you’ve been ...

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24 Oct 2016

Accurate results require accurate data

Would you compare oranges to apples? Fuel sales and dip readings collected for SIR Analysis are recorded at ambient temperature, so it makes sense to use delivery volumes ...

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14 Sep 2016

Are fuel giveaways hurting your business?

The customers might have been laughing, but it was no funny business for our client when their service station gave away 12,000L of fuel in under 2 months. Our ...

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31 Aug 2016

Artificial Intelligence or Sophisticated Software?

Ever think your computer software knows something you don’t? EMS’s environmental management program Greenscan seemed to have a mind of its own when it picked up ...

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06 Jul 2016

Real time monitoring – protecting clients underground fuel assets

Fuelsuite detects another critical event – ruptured flexible pipe within a manway. Whilst the Automatic Tank Gauge [ATG] electronic line leak detection did not detect the leak, Fuelsuite’s ...

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01 Jul 2016

Fuelsuite supports major Automatic Tank Gauges brands

Whether you operate 25 or 1,000 retail or commercial fueling facilities, Fuelsuite has your Fuel Risk Management, Fuel Operations and Fuel Asset Management covered. Fuelsuite now supports direct interfacing with ...

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24 Jun 2016

Fuelsuite supports LPG via INCON ATG

The Franklin INCON TS-550Evo Automatic Tank Gauge [ATG] now supports an interface to the Bintech LPG probe. The TS-550Evo converts the 4-20 mA signal from a ...

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07 Jun 2016


UNITI is shaping up to be a promising event. I’m looking forward to catching up with old acquaintances and meeting new friends during the event. If you ...

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07 Jun 2016

ATG integrated to Oily Water Separator from Conder

Another integration tested and operational between Envirotank and Environmental Monitoring Solutions [EMS]. Forecourt containment is becoming an important strategy to capture stormwater overflow that may be contaminated for ...

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