08 Oct 2021 By EMS

Fueling the Customer Experience

Fueling the Customer Experience Compared to today, fueling up a vehicle was much simpler decades ago. Consumers may have only had to choose from a couple fuel dispensers (depending on which grade of fuel they wanted), lift the handle, insert the nozzle, fuel up and head inside to pay. When motorists pull into a gas station today, they experience information ...

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07 Sep 2020

The importance of visibility in fuel management

One of the largest areas of concern for any operation is the fear of a leaking tank. Fuel Tank owners have good reason to be concerned; the average ...

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31 Aug 2020

Unravel the knots in your business

Get a Smart, Scalable & Intelligent Wetstock management system for your Remote Fuel Assets Fuelsuite is the comprehensive automated fuel management solution created by fuel management expert’s EMS. ...

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11 Aug 2020

Don’t be fuelish – Fraud in fuel inventory .

Don’t be fuelish – Fraud in fuel inventory Fuel is a dominant expense for some industries such as power, energy, mining and manufacturing. For example, in the mining ...

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27 Jul 2020

Is your business about high value and quality service within the Retail petrol space? Looking to expand and grow your business?

Is your business about high value and quality service within the Retail petrol space? Looking to expand and grow your business? Are you looking to add value to ...

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15 Jul 2020

Are you losing fuel? Can you afford not to understand and address risks of these leaks on your sites?

Are you losing fuel? Can you afford not to understand and address risks of these leaks on your sites? An ever-present threat to operators of older fuel storage ...

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06 Jul 2020

Are you still using outdated methods for your Fuel Volume Measurements?

Fuel volume measurement is the most obvious and essential of tasks for any fuel station or carrier transport. Yet many have not updated their methods in years, still ...

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09 Jun 2020

Machine learning techniques for fuel loss detection at service stations

Coupling industry expertise and university research to develop effective data analytic and machine learning techniques for identifying and quantifying the different sources of fuel losses from underground petroleum ...

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14 May 2020

The power of real-time data is used to reduce fuel losses, lower operational costs and improve margins for fuel retailers.

Many retailers still use spreadsheets to keep track of their sales, dips and deliveries. The problem with this system (and manual systems in general), is that it is ...

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15 Apr 2020

Know what’s going on in your buried fuel system

What’s really going on at your fuel site? Retail petroleum fraud can be carried out in multiple different ways, including: Purposely adulterating data Interfering with dispenser calibrations ...

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14 Apr 2020

Providing round the clock monitoring during COVID-19 situation without going on-site

Many of our clients are seeking urgent access to accurate live fuel system information for fuel replenishment but need to avoid the delivery driver having to either manually ...

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09 Apr 2020

Scalable remote fuel management & remote monitoring

With COVID19 restrictions in place major oil companies and their contractors are seeking ways to remotely access critical fuel system information with diagnostic ability to triage and identify ...

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18 Mar 2020

Can you afford not to understand and address the risk of fuel leaks on your sites?

What is WSM? Wetstock Management (WSM) provides key management analysis and reporting to prevent losses and maximize your profits by giving you a live/hourly/daily/weekly snapshot ...

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11 Feb 2020

Minimize your impact on the environment with superior leak detection

Greenscan is vital for all petrol storage facilities that are committed to preventing wasteful leaks and meeting current health, safety and environmental regulations. Its purpose is to detect, ...

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12 Dec 2019

Meet EPA compliance while adding value to your services with a Greenscan license

Accurate and timely leak detection is incredibly important – not just for petroleum retailers, but any facility with underground fuel storage. And efficient reporting is a must. The increased ...

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22 Nov 2019

How to add value to your wetstock management through Fuelsuite licensing

It’s likely you or someone you know is already providing wetstock management and maintenance services for petroleum retailers. Be that environment, asset, facilities or fuel systems management. ...

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01 Oct 2019

Fuelsuite announced as a finalist in the Premier’s Sustainability Awards 2019

For the second time in three years, EMS have been selected as a finalist in the Premier’s Sustainability Awards for our fuel management system, Fuelsuite. Celebrating those ...

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09 Sep 2019

Live data – what is it, and how does it improve your wetstock management?

Data has become the most valuable thing in the world – and using it the right way can add considerable value to your business. While many use it to ...

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18 Jul 2019

How wetstock management can assist with fuel vapour monitoring and compliance at the same time

It’s the topic on everybody’s lips – climate change, environmental impact and what we should be doing about it. There are a lot of factors that contribute ...

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29 May 2019

Demystifying fuel loss through integrated wetstock management

Over the last couple of blogs, we’ve spoken a lot about the performance of your fuel management system, and how to go about improving it. But often ...

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29 Apr 2019

Time for an upgrade? 3 steps to optimising your wetstock management system

Like most things in life, upgrading your wetstock management system is a lot easier said than done. Analysing your fuel management system performance is a good start – but ...

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