20 Nov 2020 By EMS

Are you Ready for the Future – Latest Trends in Fuel Retailing

The nature of society is changing—driven by global consumer, industry and technology trends, so fuel retailers need to understand how a number of emerging developments can help them build and improve their businesses. So are you ready for the future with the latest trends in fuel retailing? Currently, the typical retail petrol station commands more sophisticated dispensers offering up ...

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29 Jan 2018

Dangers of the dipstick: How to ensure reliable, safe fuel inventory management

Accurate fuel inventory information is the backbone of a successful fuel station business. Knowing what’s going on in your tank decreases the risk of profit loss – protects ...

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28 Jan 2018

Machine Learning in Retail Petroleum

Gone are the days of buying ‘set and forget’ electronic equipment, especially intelligent embedded electronics that someone (maybe you) very likely paid a handsome price for! Machine Learning ...

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21 Jan 2018

IoT – Disrupting Retail Petroleum

At a recent presentation to the Institute of Engineers Australia, I was asked: How is IoT disrupting retail petroleum? Firstly what is the ‘Internet of Things’? The Internet ...

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18 Dec 2017

Managing a network of blended ATG’s

  Whether you have a Veeder-Root, OPW, Franklin, Hectronic, Fafnir or other brand of Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) – managing them effectively can make a real difference. The challenge has ...

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18 Dec 2017

Managing a Fuel Dispenser Network

As a consumer, we all know that filling up the car is not very high on our list of fun things to do. It’s especially not fun ...

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04 Dec 2017

Do you know the cause of your fuel volume measurement errors?

We all know that fuel is a changeable and oftentimes unpredictable product. Fuel volume measurement is the most obvious and essential of tasks for any fuel station or ...

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24 Nov 2017

Detecting fuel contamination in real time

Fuel contamination can be disastrous to a business, often to leading to a loss of business and customer dissatisfaction. A Mobil fuel station in Slade Point, Queensland, experienced ...

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22 Nov 2017

Fuelsuite News: Fuelscan® will be supporting global fuel dispensers

In 2018, Fuelsuite’s® award winning enabling IoT device ‘Fuelscan®’ will be supporting the following global Dispenser brands: Tokheim; Tatsuno; Aplab; Nuovo Pignone; and Avery electrical communications protocol. Support ...

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13 Nov 2017

Fuel station maintenance: gain visibility over breakage and errors

There’s no denying that fuel station maintenance, including the upkeep of pumps, tanks, and other equipment, can be a very taxing process. Like any industry with machinery ...

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28 Oct 2017

Calibrating ATG Accuracy

We are often asked the question: “Which Automatic Tank Gauge is more accurate?” With so many ATG brand options available, such as Veeder-Root, OPW, Hectronic, Franklin and other ...

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02 Oct 2017

How can I improve my fuel purchasing process?

Site Managers often make fuel purchasing decisions based off their gut-feeling due to a lack of available tank data. When you order fuel for your site, are you ...

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27 Sep 2017

Fuelsuite announced as finalist in 2017 Victorian Premier’s Sustainability Awards

Media release, 14 September 2017 Carrum Downs company Environmental Monitoring Solutions Pty Ltd [EMS] has been announced as a finalist in the Small and Medium Enterprises category in this year’...

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21 Sep 2017

Keep your customers and employees safe with Fuelsuite

We don’t often associate refrigeration and beverage dispensing machines with retail petroleum risk management. However, two issues present risk when thinking about the typical petrol convenience store: ...

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18 Sep 2017

Future of retail petroleum automation

Historically, from the 1900s to 1980’s, the typical retail petrol station required only the most basic components to fill consumers vehicles, consisting primarily of tanks, piping, dispensers, a ...

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09 Sep 2017

Is fuel theft during transport a problem for you?

Fuel theft from petroleum tankers in transit or during border delays is, according to a recent study, an extremely significant problem for many petroleum marketers. This is not ...

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04 Sep 2017

How can I protect my sites from fuel pricing errors?

Recent changes to Australian fuel pricing laws have shaken the petroleum retail industry. Fuel retailers in NSW Australia are now legally required to report fuel prices to the ...

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03 Sep 2017

Is retail fuel theft a problem for you?

Petroleum retailers are challenged with fuel theft on a daily basis, where the focus is primarily on “drive-offs”, or what is often referred to as external theft. Prepayment ...

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28 Aug 2017

Is it really a valid Emergency Stop alarm?

Do you know how often your Emergency Stop (E-Stop) alarm is activated, reset or tested to confirm it actually works? A few of our clients needed to know ...

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22 Aug 2017

Petrol station automation

Is a lack of automation harming your retail petroleum enterprise? Recently, I was invited to present at the Institute of Engineers Australia speaking event, ‘Retail Petroleum a case ...

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02 Aug 2017

Would your fuel site pass a surprise compliance audit?

To ensure fuel sites are compliant and that their leak prevention measures are working, the EPA has been conducting random on-site audits. In the two years since the ...

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