EMS partners with AWS

Wetstock Management Solution on AWS

We are delighted to offer AWS customers the ability to apply for Fuelsuite Licence through the AWS marketplace.

EMS partners with AWS

EMS & AWS bring you our Fuelsuite Wetstock management solution, to give you complete control of your fuel site from anywhere in the world.

Fuelsuite brings together your EPA compliance, fuel inventory, delivery, reconciliation, price and ATG alarms within one Wetstock management solution.

This gives you the tools to effectively manage your leak detection, maintenance and fuel consumption and inventory for both above and below-ground tanks Globally.

Complete control from anywhere in the world

Fuelsuite brings together your EPA compliance, fuel inventory, delivery, reconciliation, price and ATG alarms within one management suite, giving you the tools to effectively manage your leak detection, maintenance, fuel replenishment for both above and below-ground tank Globally.

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How does it work?

Fuelsuite either polls Automatic Tank Gauge’s [ATG] directly, or where more information is available via Fuelscan, that communicates with ATG’s, pump communications, and a vast range of sensor inputs at your fuel station. Our servers then collect the information making it available to you – removing the need for someone to visit site to manually collect data, check sensors and monitor wells.

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Manage as if you were actually on site

You control who gets what…and when. You can easily schedule various reports such as inventory, delivery, reconciliation and alarms, etc. Our 24/7 support service monitors your critical alarms in the background and escalates (if you choose) to your service contractor to attend and resolve.

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Simple and responsive

Fully responsive design gives you the optimal experience on your computer, tablet or mobile. Fuelsuite provides you with a simple, single interface; negating the need for multiple and disparate third party applications.

Fuelsuite presents the same data via the Cloud presenting inventory, deliveries and movement for all product grades in a uniform format.

VIVA Energy – Case Study



One of the largest areas of concern for any operation is the fear of a leaking tank. Adding to the consequences, even a small fuel leak can result in legal and cleanup costs and potential fines by the EPA. Whilst Viva Energy’s existing fuel management process had prevented these hazards to date, they recognised significant inefficiencies in their current processes and required a more transparent fuel management system. Wanting to proactively advance their business performance, Viva sought help from our team at EMS.


Viva Energy needed complete visibility of what was going on in their tanks at all times. They wanted to ensure they had access to accurate site data, quickly, efficiently and at a low cost.

Upon deploying EMS’ Fuelsuite system, Viva Energy gained access to reliable, secure, and real-time data from their tanks around the country – anytime, and anywhere. Not only does Fuelsuite reduce the likelihood of tank errors, it also removes the complexity of fuel management by ensuring Viva’s site data is accessible at all times via a contemporary cloud-based platform.


“The direct connectivity of Fuelsuite has allowed us to identify issues and map a history of events on each site. In once instance, there had been high water alarms oscillating on a tank. When mapped against the deliveries to the site, it was noted that the high water level was occurring at the same time of the deliveries. This ended up being due to the physical configuration of the fill tube deflector, but allowed us to confirm that no water was present, and therefore no product quality issues.”

Anthony Cornish, Viva Energy Facilities Maintenance Contract Lead.

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