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Russell Dupuy 23 Aug 2019 By Russell Dupuy

How Does Wetstock Management Work?

How Does Wetstock Management Work?

Wetstock management systems can utilise any or all features of fuel control and management, including fuel inventory and delivery, pricing, ATG alarms, reconciliation and EPA compliance.

Where the typical automated fuel management system is usually missing one or two (or even more) of the above features, Fuelsuite brings all of them together under one proverbial roof.

Fuelsuite (EMS’s comprehensive wetstock management solution) gives oil companies and fuel retailers all the tools that they need for smooth day-to-day operations, including automatic and early fuel leakage detection.

Being proactive against leakage at fuel sites is extremely important for both financial and environmental reasons.  Cleanup costs, penalties and negative PR has led to some  fuel retailers going out of business.

With that said, here are some of the many benefits of using Fuelsuite as your wetstock management system:


1. Remote Access to Real-Time and Actionable Data

Using Fuelscan or polling the ATG directly, Fuelsuite can provide you with the data you need in real time.

Using this remote auto fuel management solution will allow you to oversee your entire operation using real-time data anywhere, and at any time.


2. Cloud-based Wetstock reconciliation

There are a lot of advantages to using a cloud-based petroleum management system like Fuelsuite.

In addition to being able to use it to monitor data from anywhere, you can also use the software to check on inventory, to schedule deliveries and to monitor alarms.

This real-time access to data also helps minimize and potentially eliminate under-delivery from your suppliers.

Put simply, using Fuelsuite helps minimize your business’ losses and increases profit at the same time.


3. 24/7 background monitoring

Real-time access alone isn’t enough.

When handling volatile and high-risk products such as fuel, it is important that you receive notifications in the case of emergencies.

Using Fuelsuite as your petroleum management system offers automatic monitoring of critical alarms. You can also choose which kind of emergency the system escalates to you and to your chosen service contractor for immediate resolution.

Leaks, as mentioned earlier, are expensive and could cost you your business.

You can’t always prevent leaks from happening, but you can reduce your risk through early detection, escalation and resolution.


Start Using Fuelsuite As Your Wetstock Management Solution Today

Fuelsuite is equipped with all of the necessary data-monitoring features and a simple, easy-to-use interface. Fuelsuite is the wetstock management solution that you need to solve current issues and prevent future problems on your fuel site/s.

Contact EMS today to discuss how Fuelsuite can improve your wetstock management and improve the security and profitability of your sites.


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