What better leak detection looks like

10 Jun 2022 By EMS

What better leak detection looks like?

What better leak detection looks like? – As an owner/operator of a petrol station, underground petroleum storage system or any other facility that handles or may potentially handle petroleum products, it is vital that you take all reasonable measures to avoid environmental contamination. Petroleum leaks not only contaminate land for future use, but a leak that finds its way to groundwater can spread the contamination to a neighboring site.

How much will it cost you to clean up the hydrocarbons and soil contamination caused by a fuel leak? Don’t know, see below.

A typical cost for an environmental contamination at a leak rate of 18 litres per day looks as follows:

  • Actual lost fuel valued at $12,000 released to the environment over time
  • Site interruption 21 days
  • Loss of sales during shutdown $84,000
  • Cost of tank and pipe work $70,000
  • Remediation of contaminated soil $25,000

So how do you know if your gas station is leaking?

Greenscan is the answer. It’s a sophisticated software application that applies statistical inventory reconciliation (SIR) techniques to reconciled petrol data by applying mathematical and statistical modeling algorithms. Greenscan can determine if your daily variance is greater than +/-9 litres per day (which exceeds the test threshold set by the USA EPA).

Greenscan clients receive a clear and comprehensive compliance report, which assigns a ‘pass’, ‘fail’, or ‘inconclusive’ status call to each tank and line system with a calculated leak rate. The compliance report also provides a detailed narrative of the possible causes, complete with a summary of ‘what to do next’ if a tank and line system receive a ‘non-pass’ status. With Greenscan, you can further your service offering to new and existing clients, and meet and exceed leak detection compliance regulations.

How does Greenscan work?

We are able to identify anomalies in your daily reconciliation data against Greenscan, which results in your EPA compliance report. We then establish an expected loss/gain pattern for any given tank and line, and from that identify the unaccounted for loss/gain, which is then tested to the EPA threshold of at least +/- 18 litres per day.

Our analytical modeling is based upon localized temperature conditions [country by country], accounting for cyclic and seasonal adjustments, to ensure your data is tested against local conditions. Our analysts are available to assist with any enquiries you may have, in an effort to identify concerning loss/gain issues as quickly as possible.

How do our customers benefit?

  • Easy to use – Our secure web portal is very simple to use – enabling you to control your private information, with the flexibility to produce your own charts and reports as you require them.
  • Protecting your Business and the Environment – Leak detection is critical to your business and the environment. Even the smallest leak can be damaging to your business and the environment. That’s why our specialist monitoring service can identify the early onset of a loss/gain from your tank and associated piping much faster than traditional methods – and certainly earlier than visual checks. Simply submit your daily records and we do the rest.
  • Saving money – When it comes to saving money, we do all the work for you. Our service and extensive experience of monitoring petrol losses means we can accurately detect over/under dispensing meters – this alone, on average, provides a 50%-plus payback against service cost. As a bonus, we also identify employees who are not doing the right thing – something that can save you money, potential legal issues and stress.
  • Peace of mind – One of the most important things that we can do for our clients is to help them exceed legal compliance requirements. Every country has its own unique regulations, and we have a track record of exceeding the stringent global requirements of the US EPA. We can help you meet many country-specific legal and environmental regulations, so please contact us for details about your region.

Beyond our ability to deliver top-notch fuel system management, Greenscan offer a range of services that can add value and revenue to your business:

  • In-house, on-premise use
  • Highly secure and flexible
  • Full end to end service and support training
  • Latest cutting-edge data science technologies
  • Web access with secure login

Simply put – Greenscan unifies your systems to help you meet and exceed leak detection compliance regulations.

Make sure your property is free from petroleum leaks. Protect your site and groundwater by investing in the best and most effective leak detection equipment.

If you’d like to further your service offering to new and existing clients, and meet and exceed leak detection compliance regulations, talk to us now!