31 Aug 2020 By EMS

Unravel the knots in your business

Get a Smart, Scalable & Intelligent Wetstock management system for your Remote Fuel Assets

Fuelsuite is the comprehensive automated fuel management solution created by fuel management expert’s EMS. Delivered through a SaaS model, Fuelsuite features smart remote monitoring systems that enable fuel retailers to make informed decisions based on return on investment with greater intelligence about their fuel assets and retail network.

  • Fuelsuite(All-in-one Wetstock management solution) allows for high-definition, high-frequency data that shows exactly where and how you’re losing your fuel. It is a fuel management system that offers comprehensive fuel reconciliation and allows you to identify any fuel losses and gains in real time – which enables you to pick up problems and patterns more quickly.
  • This solution can slash maintenance costs through data driven, not ‘human’ alerts, negating false alarms and resulting in fewer contractor visits to site, improved tank calibration and elimination of call centres and facilities maintenance companies.

With recent COVID19 restrictions in place, major oil companies and their contractors are seeking ways to remotely access critical fuel system information with diagnostic ability to triage and identify the root cause of issues, which previously relied upon dispatching a technician to site.

EMS have been able to cater to this demand with Fuelsuite’s intelligent remote monitoring and 24/7 support service, helping keep our customer sites operational around the clock. Now they can access real time/live fuel delivery data from anywhere in the world without having to go onsite during lockdown.

In one case, Fuelsuite’s scalability allowed our clients to increase users [up to 300%] to manage the load. During these tough times EMS were even happy to support one of our clients by providing free access for up to 150 users.

This has helped them to #staysafe #socialdistancing and has driven significant cost savings in terms of reducing repeat visits by accurately diagnosing the issue the first time.

If you’re looking at improving your value offering to customers by delivering superior Wetstock managementclick here to contact EMS and discuss Fuelsuite licensing.