Transforming fuel maintenance

Russell Dupuy 10 Jul 2018 By Russell Dupuy

Transforming Maintenance in Retail Petroleum Part 3

Maintaining Retail Petroleum Assets has typically being a reactive response to ‘something is not working’, where the challenge is trying to identify root cause before dispatching a technician, or resolving the issue remotely – whilst keeping everyone informed.

Traditionally manned 24/7 helpdesk’s receive calls ranging from: the Coffee/Pie machine not working, to fuel out on Diesel, to the front door not closing, food perishing in the fridge, price sign not updating, dispensers not working, hose/nozzle flow rate too slow – the list is growing.

Level 1 support do a good job to filter out the obvious, Level 2 dives deeper into specialist equipment support but are more often than not, hamstrung with remote access to diagnose further, but add value all the same.

Finally, the tech is dispatched with a job that is more often a ‘discovery’ than ‘resolution’ call out. The other challenge faced by all contractors is having the right skill set available to cover the work scope of call out.

The point I’m emphasizing here is not the inability of maintenance/facility managers or contractors, it’s the inherent inefficiency of traditional maintenance management.

Cloud technology moved matters forward offering ‘visibility’ and ‘collaboration’, which lead towards transformation but never quite got there.

IoT closed the gap, connecting the very many ‘Things’ to the Cloud, establishing live fact data, a diagnostic capability that when coupled with deep learning unlocks a new frontier of pro-active asset management.

However, the key to driving value is in knowing what to look at, working through the noise efficiently in a highly collaborative environment that keeps the site manager, the contractor and the various network departments [maintenance, OH&S, environment etc] working from the same page.

Each User has a different perspective, Use case and Workflows but are all interconnected to be able to effectively monitor what is going on, a means for sites to log and monitor work progress, contractor to autonomously go about what they do best whilst the various major oil departments have oversight, and finally preserve their critical historical data that does not move when a contract is reassigned.

Empower is a cloud-based project and case management application designed specifically for Retail Petroleum networks to manage workflows and collaborate with third parties from one workspace, that when operated along Fuelsuite®, empower retail organisations to truly enjoy building/asset management.

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