11 May 2021 By EMS


Fuel Re-calibration

Nowadays, when the price of fuel fluctuates rapidly each week, the accurate control of fuel tanks at service stations and for businesses becomes vitally important to minimise fuel loss. Compliance is also key with companies ensuring that they are following practices to minimise any issues when it comes to local regulations around leak detection and safe fuel storage.


Calibration is the science of determining the exact true volume of a containment system corresponding to a certain measurement value. It is key to obtaining accurate measurements of quantity. Without accurate calibration tables, even the best automatic gauging systems and the most accurate manual measurements are of little value. With EMS as your Wetstock management partner, you can be sure of the highest degree of measurement accuracy, helping you to monitor fuel variances preventing costly errors.

Above and underground tanks are calibrated to an ideal tank chart before they are implemented in the field to ensure that safe fills and storage capacities are true and accurate. Re-calibration ensures the highest degree of measurement accuracy, helping you to maintain client/tank confidence and preventing costly errors.

Maintaining up to date tank calibration data is of vital importance in maintaining customer confidence, identifying potential losses in stock and resolving loading issues. Clients need an efficient tank calibration service that is able to provide accurate calibration tables whilst
causing minimal onsite impact in order to reduce disruption to operations. The availability of both the latest technology and the safest calibration methodologies is of primary concern to clients when selecting a total quality assurance partner.


We apply the latest measuring and scanning technology available to provide a highly accurate measurement process. All measurements are taken during normal operation based on real-time data. Measurements include detailed assessments of the tank verticality, horizontally and tank deformation. Tank calibrations are conducted to the exacting requirements of the appropriate international standards.
Detailed volumetric tables are compiled for each tank and can be formatted according to the client’s requirements. Comprehensive tables can incorporate any standard units of measure for size, volume or both.


EMS has developed novel and innovative methods for analysing the changes in height and volume that produce a tank chart that is much closer to perfection now than any prior methods in the industry. The EMS Perfect Chart is accurate and precise (the units of volume are micro- litre, and the height is measured in micrometre) which allows us to provide our customers with:

• Inventory variances close to zero
• Delivery measurement within 0.7% (+/- 3.4 gallons on a 5,000-gallon delivery)
• Rapid and sensitive leak detection – even tiny leaks can be detected within hours instead of days or weeks
• Measurement of dispenser meter drift – meters can be properly re-calibrated to ensure that correct revenue is received for fuel sold, and weights and measures compliance risk is eliminated

The Perfect Chart serves as the foundation for Perfect Gallon, EMS’s Wetstock management solution that leverages your existing forecourt equipment for a greater return on your investment. By starting with a precise and accurate tank chart, Perfect Litre helps convenience store owners and operators minimize inventory variance and increase profits at every site monthly.

Customers face a need for accurate volumetric tables and quantity measurement to control stock held in storage systems. Perfect Litre can provide accurate and detailed measurement and calibration of storage tanks to ensure customers don’t encounter issues.

Fig: 1 Height Difference Measurement                Fig: 2 Precision and Accuracy


With the most advanced Wetstock management technology, the application of data science produces highly accurate calibration tables. Our clients benefit from this expertise not just throughout the calibration process but in continuing support following the completion of the report. Our team of experts are readily available to offer professional help and advice for client’s queries. Additionally, our extensive expertise allows us to provide bespoke solutions for challenging calibration requirements.

We are committed to the continual development of our tank calibration service and ensuring our service offering reflects the most cutting- edge technology and up to date processes as these develop, in order to maintain our position at the forefront of calibration technology.

Talk to us today if you are experiencing unacceptable fuel system variances.