Talking Retail Petroleum

Russell Dupuy 13 Aug 2018 By Russell Dupuy

Talking Retail Petroleum at YOW IoT Meet up in Melbourne

A fun evening talking about digital transformation in Retail Petroleum at IoT Meet Up Melbourne, sponsored by DiUS Computing, Startupbootcamp and YOW – thanks for the opportunity to share the Fuelsuite success story.

YOW is a fantastic community supporting aspiring and experienced software and hardware developers and engineers alike of all ages to come together to share ‘know-how’ for the benefit of the community and broader industry, for more information visit

The evening looked at what contributes to a successful startup or IoT transformation technically and commercially, what to consider, look out for and be wary of.

The concept of ‘Idea versus Opportunity’ was discussed as the intersection of success. The very old adage of ‘just because I can, does not mean I should’, which is very akin to the other cliche of the ‘better mouse trap’.

Any successful commercial endeavour must firstly understand ‘the problem that is to be solved’ before it rushes ‘straight to building out the solution’, it must then look at ‘what is just enough’ and from that position – based on success, then continue to innovate through a ‘design thinking’ agile approach.

Thank you to DiUS, YOW and Startupbootcamp for creating these events that provide a forum for budding entrepreneurs to learn from those who have achieved sustainable success.

Another opportunity to it pay forward.

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