19 Oct 2020 By EMS

Stay Compliant & Profitable with our EPA certified software – Greenscan

Stay Compliant & Profitable with our EPA certified software – Greenscan- Whether there are national legal requirements or risk-based best practices to observe, it’s a basic fact that ‘the polluter pays’. Regulators and inspection agencies can demand proof at any time that a fuelling facility is operating safely, in compliance with regulations, and is in full control of its stored fuel. Where prescriptive legislation requires regular, certified testing of single-wall tanks and lines, the annual cost to stay in compliance is yet another drain on profitability.

Meet EPA compliance while adding value to your services

Staying in control by keeping daily reconciliation records and chasing down any unusual or high variances can demonstrate a responsible approach to risk management and environmental protection.

The most efficient way to comply with the EPA requirements is by automating Wetstock management and ensuring that all anomalies are investigated and escalated when necessary by persons with suitable experience. Employing the latest technology and services available will maximise protection levels, by utilising independently certified processes and professional expertise.

The increased pressure to meet environmental compliance teamed with the high costs associated with accurate reporting and the higher-still costs in the event of fuel leaks has led to a growing demand for trustworthy leak detection. Whether you manage this service through the SIR method or Automatic Tank Gauges, it’s not always easy to get right.

The goal is the same regardless of if you’re providing a service, or looking after your own leak detection in-house. You want guaranteed protection – from leaks, from costs, from non-compliance. You need leak detection management you can count on.

Improve leak detection and add value to your business

EMS is bringing its EPA-certified software, Greenscan®, to retailers, storage facilities, and fuel management and environmental businesses globally, with licenses available through a SaaS model.

Greenscan brings together EPA compliance, leak detection management, SIR analysis, and reporting into one effective solution. By continuously monitoring your petrol reconciliation data, Greenscan can detect unacceptable losses or gains that may lead to environmental contamination or loss of petrol.

Greenscan is now available under two license models:

  1. Licence for in-house use – Obtain a license to operate Greenscan in-house, on your servers. This option includes full training for staff, offers you flexible reporting, and provides you with the ability to deliver the service against your own model [daily, weekly, monthly] for your clients.
  2. Subscription – Add value to your service by using EMS expertise. Send us your data, and we will do the analysis in the background, so you can focus on managing your own service with your customers.

By putting Greenscan in the hands of businesses, we’re helping you both further your service offering to new and existing clients, and meet leak detection compliance regulations.

Beyond its ability to deliver top-notch fuel system management, Greenscan and EMS offer a range of services that can add value and revenue to your business:

  • In-house, on-premise use
  • Highly secure and flexible
  • Full end to end service and support training
  • Latest cutting-edge data science technologies

If you’re looking at improving your value offering to customers and deliver superior leak detection, click here to contact EMS and discuss Greenscan licensing.