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06 Feb 2018 By Russell Dupuy

A Lesson Learned: The importance of accurate SIR analysis data

It’s vital that our clients understand the necessity and importance of collecting accurate data for Statistical Inventory Reconciliation (SIR) Analysis.

After a change of owners, a small, independently owned service station found itself wrapped up in legal battles and facing extensive EPA fines after fuel leaked from an underground petroleum storage tank into the environment.

The new site owners were not proactive with setting up their SIR Analysis service and had not submitted any for several months after the site changed hands. EMS was blind to what was happening inside the tanks.

Until one night, a 10,000L delivery of fuel was put into one of their tanks. In the morning, when the tank was dipped, the reading showed the delivery was no longer in there. The tank was nearly empty. The tank had breached and the entire delivery volume had leaked out during the night.

The consequences rested solely with the site as no analysis had been conducted on this site for months, despite EMS’s repeated requests for data. Obviously, this did not meet the standards of the relevant EPA and the site faced severe fines for contamination.

After the fact, we received the data we should have received months earlier and lo and behold the data was showing an issue with this tank. There may have been a small crack leaking fuel over a longer period which was burst open by the delivery on that night, resulting in the issue finally being detected by the site. It may have been picked up earlier had they been providing data regularly which meant the SIR results could have been investigated properly.

The small service station owner now submits data every month.

Listen to your SIR Analysis Results.

You are not only risking environmental contamination, but your business may be suffering a financial loss. Consult your analyst for helpful tips on how to investigate the right way. Get in touch with EMS today.