14 Apr 2020 By EMS

Providing round the clock monitoring during COVID-19 situation without going on-site

Many of our clients are seeking urgent access to accurate live fuel system information for fuel replenishment but need to avoid the delivery driver having to either manually dip tanks or enter the convenience store to access the ATG, as one example.

Minimising the human and environmental impact from restocking fuel tanks and storing fuel in retail petrol stations during the COVID situation has become a necessity.

With Fuelsuite our clients can monitor their filling stations from anywhere in the world. Fuelsuite live in-tank Inventory provides 100% accuracy and is updated every 30 seconds which allows the delivery driver to access via the Mobile or a Tablet for accurate in-tank data as they arrive to site.

Clients have access to a remote fuel management solution that runs on a contemporary cloud based platform, allowing them to access critical data in real-time from multiple sites on a single device.

  • They can reliably track and monitor all of their fuel usage to avoid waste, theft, and expensive out-of-fuel shut downs.
  • Enables our clients to reduce cost, improves their driver productivity, and allows for the collection of essential data and generation of reports for management purposes.
  • The solution’s automatic functionality makes reconciliation and compliance more accurate and reliable.Better information means better decisions and better decisions mean more profits. Contact us today for more information.

If you’re looking at improving your value offering to customers and deliver superior Wetstock management, click here to contact EMS and discuss Fuelsuite licensing.