06 Jul 2016 By Russell Dupuy

Real time monitoring – protecting clients underground fuel assets

Fuelsuite detects another critical event – ruptured flexible pipe within a manway.

Whilst the Automatic Tank Gauge [ATG] electronic line leak detection did not detect the leak, Fuelsuite’s scenario analytics continuous monitoring on a range of on-site data feeds, did detect the event.

The actual line leak was measured at 2 litres per hour, under the programmed leak test of 11.3 litre per hour within the ATG. Clearly, the ATG would not detect a leak at this programmed threshold.

However, had the ATG been programmed to perform a 0.76 litre per hour test, it would certainly have detected the leak. That being said, the site throughput is such that the ATG would not perform a regular 0.76 litre per hour test.

Whilst Fuelsuite monitors ATG alarms and events, it also performs its own diagnostics to monitor line pressure decay after each dispensing event, where the line pressure would peak, then drop to below resting pressure. The check valve was quickly ruled out, as the product within the tank was not increasing in line with pressure decay.

A key success factor in scenario analysis is building line-by-line characteristics which are unique to each fuel line, as opposed to a one-fits-all test which often misses the mark or never receives sufficient quiet time to conduct a valid test.