Fuel System maintenance

16 Apr 2018 By Russell Dupuy

Re-active to Pro-active Fuel System Maintenance

Some of the world’s largest fuel retailers tell us they struggle to effectively manage their wetstock and maintenance at the enterprise level because they don’t have:

Problem 1: Remote access to critical fuel system data in real time

Problem 2: Inability to share critical fuel system information at the site and enterprise level

Problem 3: Difficulty with wetstock accuracy and monitoring fuel movements across multiple sites; and

Problem 4: A lack of visibility over daily operations and related risks that fuel sites are not meeting quality or compliance standards

This tends to translate into the very common problem of re-active transactional fuel system maintenance service contracts, that quickly become a price discussion – not a mutual value discussion.

Resulting in neither the major oil company, it’s dealer network nor the maintenance company able to drive maintenance transformation.

We’ve fixed that with our:

  • Cloud-based fuel management solution Fuelsuite®
  • Backed by Amazon Web Services Cloud and Internet of Things technology
  • Access to site level fact data for all your sites in instantly

We’ve achieved this through the application of the Internet of Things [IoT] coupled with big data allows proven science to respond, that takes a human expert’s critical thinking and decision making into real-time applied logic, that is commonly referred to as Artificial Intelligence!

The significant game changer here is that the ‘Expert’ is working continuously 24/7/365 across live critical system data feeds that transforms fuel equipment service contracts from re-active into pro-active.

Specifically, our proven and working example, Fuelsuite places artificial intelligence in the hands of the petroleum retailer so they can work collaboratively with their fuel system maintenance contractors to transition from transactional to transformational service agreements that drive quantifiable value to the bottom line.

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