11 Nov 2020 By EMS



An ever-present threat to operators of fuel stations with underground fuel tanks is leaks.

Even though the tanks might not fail daily, the loss of integrity of a fueling system is difficult to detect because of its underground, out-of-sight location. We’ve observed from real events that leaks tend to begin small but gradually increase over time, so early detection is critical to minimising the impact to the business and the environment.

Apart from the cost of clean-up and damage to brand image, often severe fines are imposed and the consequences are terminal. Without an efficient and real-time fuel monitoring system, fuel sites are at greater risk of being affected by fuel leaks, under-delivery of fuel, stock variance and write-offs, and compliance issues from time to time. These multiple problems can affect fuel business operation and profitability.

However in recent times, a major risk that fuel retailers are facing is the theft of fuel data and security of their systems being compromised.

Even though the fuel industry is becoming efficient at collecting important fuel site data, safeguarding that data has become critical. It is necessary to take preventative measures to protect your Wetstock and fuel network from unauthorized access and potential data misuse.

Being alert to the possible causes is critical to avoid the risk of fraud and building a profitable business.

Fuel stations are a known security risk and have been urged to secure their internet-exposed fuel systems and devices.  {Researchers found more than 5,000 US gas stations’ automated tank gauges unprotected on the public Internet and open to hackers.}

Medical devices, traffic light control systems, HVAC systems, programmable logic controllers, web servers, home routers, and now, automated gasoline tank gauge devices, were found exposed and unsecured on the public Internet. 

Some 5,800 automated tank gauges, which monitor for fuel leaks and other problems with the tanks as well as fuel levels, recently were found sitting wide open on the Internet without password protection, leaving more than 5,000 gas stations in the US vulnerable to attackers who could remotely alter the alarm thresholds to simulate a leak, disrupt the fuel tank operations, and worst-case, wreak havoc by shutting down the fuel stations altogether, researchers say.

Valuable and potentially sensitive data points on these fuel systems were easily found online, including the tank name, command issued, volume, height, water, and the temperature of the tank. The researchers found there were over 1,515 connected fuel system monitoring devices exposed worldwide, all of them lacking security measures that prevented access to unauthorized entities.

There was even evidence of devices that had been tampered with. Further research into fuel tank monitoring systems showed that there were hackers actively searching for exposed fuel tank monitoring systems and pulling data about the machines.

Motives behind such operations vary depending on the threat actors, but possible attacks on these systems include: pranks (such as changing the tank label), reconnaissance (finding out delivery schedule), extortion (blocking owners’ access for a certain sum), and even sabotage (adjusting tank limits so it overflows). Fuel retailers and distributors need to be aware of any processes where fraud can occur.

With such devastating cyber attacks making headlines, managing security is top-of-mind for many fuel business owners – and it’s not just about computer security. Fuel businesses are using more smart devices to manage and handle their Wetstock. Businesses and even cities around the world are getting smarter and more connected by the year. But, as the adoption of these devices continues, security practices also have to evolve.

Reasons Why Fuelsuite®  Wetstock Management system is a class apart?

Security, Accuracy, and Reliability are our priorities.  Fuelsuite is a cloud-based remote Wetstock management solution that enables the connection of critical data sources in real-time, driving actionable insights using machine learning, IoT, and digital applications.

With Fuelsuite you can:·

  • Improve fuel system performance, enhance consumer satisfaction, identify and resolve fuel system losses, maintain and improve compliance, enhance logistics, improve asset maintenance, and more.·
  • Easily schedule various reports such as inventory, delivery, reconciliation and alarms, etc. Our 24/7 support service monitors your critical alarms in the background and escalates (if you choose)to your service contractor to attend and resolve.·
  • Compare settings and check your programming status and security on a daily basis. Whether you operate 25 or 1,000 retail or commercial fueling facilities, Fuelsuite has your Fuel Risk Management, Fuel Operations and Fuel Asset Management covered.·
  • Manage as if you were actually on site. You control who gets what…and when. Using a cloud-based remote Wetstock Management Solution like Fuelsuite®, you can easily schedule various reports such as inventory, delivery, reconciliation and alarms, etc.

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