14 Oct 2020 By EMS

The Petrol Station of the Future

The Petrol Station of the Future  – Unlocking a new era with Fuelsuite – Your 24/7 digital twin connecting all critical data sources in real-time, driving actionable insights.

The Hard Facts

Recent stats show there have been 543,812 confirmed petroleum leaks across the USA alone since 1984. The clean-up costs are approximately $1billion USD per year.

In Australia, a performance audit published by the Audit Office of New South Wales in 2014 reported that out of the 1,600 contaminated sites notified to the EPA, two-thirds of those are current or former petroleum industry sites, which includes more than 800 service stations. More than 900 NSW petrol stations and depots could be leaking fuel into soil and groundwater and petrol-related land makes up the bulk of the state’s 300 most contaminated sites, official SMH data shows. 

Do you have real-time leak detection? Is your business at risk? 

Monitoring fuel losses at service stations is influenced by many external factors which can be difficult to predict. Hence, it has become important for businesses to invest in an efficient Wetstock management system that detects fuel losses and provides insights in order to anticipate issues before they occur.

Fuelled by AI, Machine Learning and predictive analysis, EMS and DiUS held a webinar recently, to discuss the power of data and the journey behind developing our fuel monitoring system. We would like to share the recorded video of this webinar with you. Watch at your convenience to learn how you can take control of your fuel and prepare your roadmap for success.

This recorded webcast will be of interest to businesses and professionals who want to explore the future of fuel loss detection and monitoring. We help you identify, how to take the first step, to leverage IoT to gather data autonomously, to deliver a business impact that will be beneficial to you and your customers.

About the webcast


  • Kamran Habib (MC) -Senior Solution Architect (AWS)
  • Zoran Angelovski – Principal Consultant – IoT (Dius)
  • Russell Dupuy – Founder and Managing Director (EMS)

Key Highlights:

Hear from EMS and DiUS on the development of Fuelsuite —an AWS IoT data platform and web application that provides unique and first-of-its-kind monitoring and reporting solutions for retail fuel businesses.

You’ll learn how Fuelsuite is enabling the connection of critical data sources in real-time, driving actionable insights using machine learning, IoT, and digital applications. Discover how you can improve fuel system performance, enhance consumer satisfaction, identify and resolve fuel system losses, maintain and improve compliance, enhance logistics, improve asset maintenance and more, with our proven cloud solution – Fuelsuite.

Drawing on both the hard facts and our experience in helping Fuel Retailers, we demonstrate Fuelsuite’s ability to enhance:   

  • Customer experience
  • Health and Safety
  • Improves petrol station efficiencies
  • Minimises environmental impacts
  • Gathers data using IoT
  • Extensible, open and cloud-based solution
  • 500% ROI
  • Global footprint with clients including: 7Eleven, Caltex, Petronas, Shell, BP, PUMA

Hope you enjoy the video and find it beneficial. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about Fuelsuite or topics in the Webcast.