12 Dec 2019 By Russell Dupuy

Meet EPA compliance while adding value to your services with a Greenscan license

Accurate and timely leak detection is incredibly important – not just for petroleum retailers, but any facility with underground fuel storage. And efficient reporting is a must.

The increased pressure to meet environmental compliance teamed with the high costs associated with accurate reporting and the higher-still costs in the event of fuel leaks has led to a growing demand for trustworthy leak detection.

Whether you manage this service through the SIR method or Automatic Tank Gauges, it’s not always easy to get right.

The goal is the same regardless of if you’re providing a service, or looking after your own leak detection in-house. You want guaranteed protection – from leaks, from costs, from non-compliance. You need leak detection management you can count on.

Unfortunately, a lot of leak detection management processes are pretty intrusive. Whether that’s through cloud-based shared private data or intrusive management of sensors and tech. Leak detection is important, but so is privacy.

If this sounds familiar, it’s time to think about leak detection and SIR differently.

Treat fuel system leak detection with the respect it deserves

Leak detection is one of the most vital aspects of fuel management. Regardless of business, facility, or location, there is a range of risks that come with it.

Many facilities face regulations from EPA compliance and are required to have sufficient leak detection and strong record-keeping to prove fuel system integrity. Even those who are not yet strictly regulated are adopting more environmentally safe practices. Others are driven to leak detection performance for financial and reputational losses that will occur from a leak.

Whatever your motivation, leak detection is imperative for running a compliant and profitable business.

Increasingly, the SIR [Statistical Inventory Reconciliation] method is the preferred method of leak detection thanks to its low impact, lower cost and less-intrusive nature. The right SIR software gives timely insights into fuel level changes, leak risk, and tank analytics. But it can be expensive.

Software as a service (SaaS) is one way more fuel companies are utilising the benefits of SIR software without the cost. SaaS allows existing software to be accessed and used by licensees for a minimal monthly fee giving you the chance to access some of the best leak-detection technology.

Improve leak detection and add value to your business

EMS is bringing its EPA-certified software, Greenscan®, to retailers, storage facilities, and fuel management and environmental businesses globally, with licenses available through a SaaS model.

Greenscan brings together EPA compliance, leak detection management, SIR analysis, and reporting into one effective solution. By continuously monitoring your petrol reconciliation data, Greenscan can detect unacceptable losses or gains that may lead to environmental contamination or loss of petrol.

Greenscan is now available under two license models:

  1. Licence for in-house use – Obtain a license to operate Greenscan in-house, on your servers. This option includes full training for staff, offers you flexible reporting, and provides you with the ability to deliver the service against your own model [daily, weekly, monthly] for your clients.
  2. Subscription – Add value to your service by using EMS expertise. Send us your data, and we will do the analysis in the background, so you can focus on managing your own service with your customers.

By putting Greenscan in the hands of businesses, we’re helping you both further your service offering to new and existing clients, and meet leak detection compliance regulations.

Beyond its ability to deliver top-notch fuel system management, Greenscan and EMS offer a range of services that can add value and revenue to your business:

  • In-house, on-premise use
  • Highly secure and flexible
  • Full end to end service and support training
  • Latest cutting-edge data science technologies

If you’re looking at improving your value offering to customers and deliver superior leak detection, click here to contact EMS and discuss Greenscan licensing.