26 May 2016 By Dave Ingram

Maximising consumer satisfaction – Petrol the grudge purchase

Often referred to as the ‘grudge purchase’, when it comes to filling up the car, we all want to be doing something else.

Another example of Forecourt automation in play – live fuel pressure monitoring.


This Western Australian site enjoys remote 24/7 continuous Flow monitoring when the INCON TS-550 Evo ATG is connected to Fuelsuite. When the pressure drops in any given line, flow rate becomes compromised. Depending upon criticality, a pressure warning or alarm is activated in real-time through Fuelsuite. If not resolved automatically after three attempts, the EMS helpdesk steps in to directly triage and diagnose the system remotely, conducting a battery of tests to resolve or escalate for prompt resolution.

In addition, remote line pressure monitoring not only establishes hose flow rates but also identifies pressure drops that often are the early sign of equipment failure for early corrective action.

In each event, the situation is automatically escalated in real-time to Fuelsuite for contractor dispatch and resolution.

Well done 7 Eleven, DTE and the EMS team on delivering another site, on-time on-budget.