Managing fuel price

Russell Dupuy 14 Aug 2018 By Russell Dupuy

Managing Fuel Price Compliance

The burden of meeting price compliance in Retail Petroleum has just become a whole lot simpler and more secure, whether you operate in a regulated or deregulated market!

Forget the clumsy practice of scraping your credit card transactions to then hopefully send securely to either an independent third party or government authority.

As a Petroleum Marketer, what if you could provide a secure, real-time method to share fuel pricing data – that you control, that is continuously up to date without having to touch it!

The multi award-winning Fuelsuite® has solved this problem, enabling single sites through to major oils to share their sensitive fuel pricing data simply and effectively and in a cost-effective manner independently of existing systems.

How does it work?

Fuelsuite® Cloud connects to Fuelscan® that listens to dispenser communications in real-time detecting price change as well as every fuel sales transaction per grade per tank.

Diagrammatically the site level architecture looks as follows:

An optional functional benefit is that Fuelscan can also automatically update your Electronic Price Board to maintain Dispenser to Price sign synchronisation independently of the forecourt controller, POS or BOS. Especially useful for unmanned or remote sites.

Fuelsuite® Cloud then presents Fuelscan® data for the user and enterprise to ingest data via a secure end point API.

The following is one price view example. Pricing information can be made available via a secure end point API, scheduled reports or common separated value files format – controlled by you.

Built on Amazon Web Services IoT and Cloud platforms, Fuelsuite® is robust and secure protecting your sensitive data. To read the Amazon Fuelsuite Case Study click here:

To learn more about the additional benefits of Fuelsuite® such as dynamic leak detection, inventory and alarm management and fuel system maintenance please contact us at or get in touch with us here.