18 Dec 2017 By Russell Dupuy

Managing a network of blended ATG’s


Whether you have a Veeder-Root, OPW, Franklin, Hectronic, Fafnir or other brand of Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) – managing them effectively can make a real difference.

The challenge has always been different protocols (from physical through to application), different alarm naming conventions and very different methods of programming ATG’s.

To further complicate matters, there is the problem of protocol emulation. This is where brands attempt to support another brand’s protocol which, in our experience, is never complete – irrespective of brand.

In addition to this, every brand supports very different program interfaces beyond the physical console interface. Many move to browser-based User interfaces and program setup, which are not always supported by the most commonly used browsers.

Fuelsuite® removes these issues by supporting many ATGs on a single, unified platform that provides site level information.

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