18 Dec 2017 By Russell Dupuy

Managing a Fuel Dispenser Network

As a consumer, we all know that filling up the car is not very high on our list of fun things to do. It’s especially not fun if you’re experiencing problems with the fuel dispenser, such as a malfunctioning hose, or a slow flow rate. Often this occurs because those managing a network of fuel dispensers lack complete visibility over their systems.

But imagine if you could know exactly when problems in your fuel dispensers were going to occur. With sufficient time to resolve the problem before it happens, you could improve and maintain hose-up time, and maximise customer experience.

Imagine no more.

Fuelsuite®’s award-winning enabling edge technology Fuelscan® empowers live insights into:

  • Hose diagnostics;
  • Authorisation and delay time; and
  • Maximum, minimum and average flow rate by hose – at a site and network level.

The following Cloud image highlights these features:



The Fuelsuite® User is empowered with a range of site and network level tools to manage fuel delivery performance. It allows you to set thresholds and rules to escalate, should any parameter head in the wrong direction — as the following Cloud image illustrates.

Fuelsuite® will also provide the retail maintenance manager with over/under dispenser information. This allows them to set the thresholds to ensure they comply with weights and measures, minimum permissible error, or their own company performance requirement. Fuelsuite® operates totally independent of the dispenser manufacturer, enabling true insights to brand/model performance and management.

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