22 Sep 2020 By EMS

Manage fuel inventory at your fingertips

Manage fuel inventory at your fingertips

Did you know you could:

  • Get 100% fuel inventory accuracy every 30 seconds with Fuelsuite®
  • Correctly calculate your daily variance in stock
  • Establish whether this variance is normal or abnormal
  • Determine where the abnormal loss is coming from, and what is causing it

With Fuelsuite®, fuel inventory data is retrieved from the ATGs and updated regularly to the Fuelsuite® application, which is accessible from all computers and most mobile and tablet devices.

Fuelsuite® updates inventory data every 30 seconds. You have accurate, up-to-date data at your desktop, at your fingertips. With no need for hazardous or unreliable methods.

Turn your business around with Fuelsuite
Fuelsuite is an all-in-one fuel management system that brings together EPA compliance, fuel inventory, delivery, and reconciliation. It gives you the tools to effectively manage your stock levels and fuel consumption, so if you’re experiencing stock variance you will instantly be able to determine whether your losses are:

  • Normal or abnormal
  • Caused by a tank leak
  • Due to technical fault
  • Following a continuous pattern

This information allows you to quickly and effectively rectify the issue, saving time, money and reputation, allowing you to continue to run a reliable and profitable operation.

Regardless of your individual priorities and risks, understanding your stock variance is vital. EMS are a leading provider of Wetstock management, achieving improved fuel monitoring solutions through industry-leading technology and advice.

Ultimately, Fuelsuite® can save your business significant time and money, eliminate a hazardous and unpleasant task and make your workplace safe. To gain accuracy and control across all your sites’ fuel inventory measurement, contact EMS today.