IoT transforming gas station

16 Apr 2018 By Russell Dupuy

Is IoT Transforming your Gas Station?

Seems there is a lot of hype about IoT in Retail Petroleum, can I say it’s just a new acronym to what many of us have been doing since the early 90’s..!

Connecting Devices [or Things] of itself is old school, albeit new tech has improved matters from the very old serial days to IP and beyond.

Connecting to the ‘Right Thing’ in the ‘Right Way’ is central to ‘Truth or Fact’ data to support Machine Learning, as opposed to adulterated data through third party ‘Things’.

Machine to machine [M2M] connectivity is virtually an endless continuum ranging from the traditional passive analogue sensors through to intelligent digital sensors through to active embedded devices performing control functions.

Specifically within Retail Petroleum for example: Forecourt Controllers since the mid 90’s tended to be the central site device that connected to many Fuel system sensory inputs [Dispensers, ATG’s, Price Sign, OPT, Car Wash, CRIPS etc.], whose Truth data was aggregated more often than not, filtering out important machine data.

This trend marched on right through the Naughties into the Teens, many of which are now at the end of life.

Point in case the trusty Postec Forecourt Controller that is at end of life, widely used across ASEAN and beyond. Whilst a great device in its prime, some argue it was out of date ten years ago.

If you have one or worse a network of Postec’s, you need to seriously and quickly consider a replacement program, and then all the other questions that stem from that such as Price sign, Car Wash, ATG, OPT, POS/BOS integration and much more. The Postec for many years was a central communications controller for well over 10,000 retail petrol stations.

Moreover, if you’re Enterprise ERP, IoT or Cloud applications, whether they be in-house or out-sourced rely upon a Postec or the data it provides, you’re also in trouble without exception. Unless of course, you have an integration plan for your replacement Forecourt Controller.

The point of this article is to emphasise the ‘Right point of connection to Things’, for the ‘Right data’ so that IoT, Cloud and all those other new tech acronym’s, actually deliver tangible and sustainable value that is independent and agnostic to middle Things/applications.

If you need independent advice, talk to us, we have you covered for Cloud, IoT and Edge technology solutions for dynamically managing Wetstock and Fuels systems at a site and enterprise level – independent of middleware or the Forecourt controller.

For more information, check out our IoT wetstock management solution, Fuelsuite or get in touch if you have questions about improving wetstock management for your fuel sites.