How Viva Energy revolutionised their fuel management

How Viva Energy revolutionised their fuel management

Viva Energy, one of the largest fuel wholesalers in Australia, found themselves facing the same problem as many fuel sites around Australia – they were overwhelmed with the task of fuel management.

A snapshot of Viva Energy.


Energy Group exclusive fuel supply licensee


Fuel import and storage terminals


Shell branded service stations

With an operation this size, you can understand why the management of fuel stocking, storing, monitoring, and reporting was a struggle – these processes can be complicated and time-consuming even for small sites.

Viva Energy were looking for a better way to monitor their fuel and meet safety and environmental compliance. But with a task this big, where do you even start?

Recognising they were blind to potential risks

Whilst Viva Energy’s existing fuel management process had so far prevented tank leaks and similar hazards, they recognised significant inefficiencies in their current processes. They knew they required a more transparent fuel management system that gave them complete visibility across all tanks and sites, allowing them to locate, isolate and rectify hazards immediately.

Regardless of the size of your operation, poor fuel management can cause a multitude of problems, including:

  • Increased inconsistency in your data;
  • Inability to correctly monitor and manage your fuel inventory; and
  • Inability to detect and resolve a leak quickly.

One of the largest areas of concern for any operation is the fear of a leaking tank.

Even a small fuel leak can result in legal and clean-up costs and potential fines by the EPA.

So how did they obtain complete visibility?

Did You Know?

It only takes a few hundred litres of fuel to contaminate up to one million litres of water.
The average petrol station can hold 150,000L of petrol.

The search for a foolproof system

After assessing their risks and their fuel management needs, Viva Energy knew they needed to reduce the complexity of their processes as well as the likelihood of tank errors. Unwilling to adopt a “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mindset, they sought out a system that would provide them access to tank data that was:

  • reliable
  • secure
  • in real-time
  • accessible anytime, anywhere

These were factors they knew would help them monitor wetstock at each and every site, allowing them to spot a leak or error as soon as it happened. There would no longer be a need to personally monitor tanks on an ongoing basis; no manual records or complicated analysis.

Where did their search lead them?

Revolutionising their fuel management

In order to gain complete visibility across all fuel sites, Viva Energy partnered up with EMS to implement a remote fuel management solution called Fuelsuite. With their fuel data now accessible around the clock via a cloud-based platform, Viva Energy have the visibility to run bigger, better and safer sites.

Maximise return of fuel logistics

Seamless integration of all petrol station systems, including the ATG, pumps and the POS system, allows Viva Energy to remotely access data from every petrol station in real time. This allows them to:

  • Improve the day-to-day management for site managers.
  • Regain visibility over their fuel inventory.
  • Make critical business decisions more quickly and with more confidence.

Reduce environmental impact

There is always a chance your fuel system could leak, even if you follow industry compliance. But with access to all fuel data from a site level, Viva Energy:

  • Know exactly which tank is leaking if an incident occurs.
  • Can act immediately to rectify the leak.
  • Minimise the damage a leak can cause.

How you can follow in Viva Energy’s footprints

You don’t need to be running an operation as big as Viva Energy to be affected by poor fuel management visibility. Tank leaks and site hazards happen to businesses of all sizes – and even the smallest leak can lead to considerable profit loss or a visit from the EPA.

Without immediate access to accurate and reliable data, every business decision you make is a risk.

Fortunately, the future of fuel is here, and the inefficiencies of fuel management can finally be resolved.

Fuelsuite is an effective and contemporary fuel management solution suitable for companies of any size. It allows you to remotely manage all aspects of your fuel management to a higher standard than ever before.

You too, can take the first step to transforming your fuel management, just like Viva Energy. Get in touch with us to find out how you can access Viva Energy’s revolutionary remote fuel management solution.

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