01 Oct 2019 By Russell Dupuy

Fuelsuite announced as a finalist in the Premier’s Sustainability Awards 2019

For the second time in three years, EMS have been selected as a finalist in the Premier’s Sustainability Awards for our fuel management system, Fuelsuite.

Celebrating those leading the way in sustainability, these awards are continuously gaining importance and attention as many Australian’s continue to look for ways to reduce our impact and protect our environment.

Fuelsuite is one of three finalists in the Environmental Protection category, and has been recognised for its extensive capabilities leading to the reduction of environmental risk from fuel leaks and system inefficiencies.

How does Fuelsuite advance environmental sustainability?

At first glance, it might seem strange that a system built specifically for the petroleum industry is being recognised for sustainability. But in actual fact, one of the key features of Fuelsuite – and why it was created – is its ability to protect the environment from the devastation of fuel leaks.

In order to identify leaks and ensure environmental protection, service stations need to gather and collate data relating to their fuel systems. Currently, this data can only realistically be collected and collated at a very low frequency and accuracy.

With traditional methods taking up to eight weeks just to identify a potential issue, the whole process can average anywhere between weeks to months depending on site location and contractor availability.

This can lead to catastrophic consequences for the environment and harm the safety of those around; as evidenced by the oil spill into the Yarra River during early 2018, which required containment booms to prevent further spread up and downstream.

By enabling service stations to collect, collate, publish and analyse high definition, real-time data, Fuelsuite minimizes these environmental impacts and enables immediate detection of leaks.

Earning a top three spot

It’s thanks to these innovative capabilities that Fuelsuite has been recognised in this year’s awards. For those unfamiliar with the Premier’s Sustainability Awards, it’s important to note that being announced as a finalist is a hard-won achievement.

To even be successfully accepted into the awards there is some specific criteria that needs to be met – and with it, some tough competition.

To make it this far, EMS and Fuelsuite were judged on:

  • Our contribution to the prevention of harm to the environment and human health in Victoria from pollution or waste
  • Achievement of sustainability outcomes through initiatives relating to our business operations and/or service delivery
  • Integrated consideration of environmental, social and economic impacts

As a publicly available fuel management system, Fuelsuite has been accepted and celebrated in this category for its ability to  accurately  monitor all aspects of fuel management in real time, thus minimising environmental and human risk caused by leaks, vapour or malfunctioning equipment.

The future of fuel management

Petroleum can have a major effect on the environment, and has been the cause of many environmental disasters over the years. It is therefore important to bring to light the work that fuel sites are doing and can continue to do to improve their fuel management, and how embracing environmental responsibility can be both simple and beneficial for retailers as well.

The unique and multi-faceted nature of Fuelsuite has been recognised as an initiative that can help petroleum retailers to achieve just this.

Created in conjunction with Victorian and global clientele and currently used in hundreds of retail sites state-wide, Fuelsuite is setting the standard for future sustainable fuel management.

The Premier’s Sustainability Award winners will be announced on Thursday, 10 October 2019. For more information about the awards, or about Fuelsuite, click here to contact EMS.

EMS is the creator of Fuelsuite, and a leading global provider of wetstock management solutions.