NZ pump protocol

15 Nov 2018 By Russell Dupuy

Fuelsuite Supports New Zealand Pump Protocol

Fuelsuite®’s award-winning IoT platform Fuelscan® now supports New Zealand Fuel Dispenser communications protocol, expanding its ability for regional applications to support PEC, Gallagher and Compac fuel dispensers.

This enables Fuelscan® to passively listen to dispenser communications without loading or interrupting the primary forecourt controller or attenuating the dispenser signal.

This complements Fuelscan® protocol support for a range of Dispenser brands globally, enabling Fuelscan® to securely push encrypted live event-driven data to Fuelsuite® Cloud, whilst also monitoring price change over dispenser communications that [optionally] automatically updates the Electronic Price Sign.

This enables real-time hose flow rates with supporting rules to predict out of tolerance hose’s that drives pro-active maintenance resulting in greater hose availability at the right flow rate. This will support the detection of over/under dispensing meters and fraud.

The following Fuelsuite® chart highlights price by row, last update and change with a range of feature charts and reporting tools by site, group or network.

This is one example of Fuelsuite® functionality, to learn more about how Fuelsuite® can help transform your retail petroleum business please contact us via [email protected] or get in touch with us here.