01 Jul 2016 By Ben Howell

Fuelsuite supports major Automatic Tank Gauges brands

Whether you operate 25 or 1,000 retail or commercial fueling facilities, Fuelsuite has your Fuel Risk Management, Fuel Operations and Fuel Asset Management covered.

Fuelsuite now supports direct interfacing with the following Automatic Tank Gauge [ATG] brands:

INCON TS-550Evo, Colibri, T-5000;

Veeder-Root TLS-IB, TLS2, TLS50, TLS3xx and TLS450 series

OPW iTouch, Nano, iSite and Integra series

Hectronic OPTILevel

Note: connectivity options: RS232, RS485, TCP/IP, MODBUS.

Fuelsuite polls the ATG via various connection methodologies to retrieve data such as: Alarms, Inventory, Leak detection, Deliveries, Diagnostics, Sales transactions, Line pressure, Sensor and Vapour Recovery for the purpose of analytics, presentation and reporting for asset management and performance.