Fuelsuite supports FLS

11 Feb 2019 By Russell Dupuy

Fuelsuite® supports FLS Finland’s Electronic LED Price Sign

Fuelsuite‘s enabling edge device, Fuelscan®, now supports the Finish Finnish brand FLSFinland’s LED price signs for petrol retail.

Fuelscan automatically updates the Electronic Price Sign whenever a price change is initiated across Dispenser communications for one or all Grades/Dispensers. This ensures the Electronic Price Sign matches the Dispenser price to maintain consistency for consumers and compliance for regulated markets.

Fuelscan continuously (via secure IoT) messages Fuelsuite® Cloud with price information for the enterprise Pricing Manager, who has the ability to verify authorized price changes, detect unauthorized or inconsistent pricing as well as a number of reporting and charting tools.

Fuelsuite also provides a secure endpoint API allowing the Pricing Manager to safely share dynamic Fuel Pricing data with external sources, where compliance is a business requirement, without having to give up credit card details or other sensitive data. Pricing information is updated every 30 seconds for all connected retail sites.

For more information regarding FLS Finland’s Electronic LED Price Signs, visit their website:

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