Create Safe Places for Customers and Employees

21 Sep 2017 By Russell Dupuy

Keep your customers and employees safe with Fuelsuite

We don’t often associate refrigeration and beverage dispensing machines with retail petroleum risk management. However, two issues present risk when thinking about the typical petrol convenience store: firstly, maintaining perishables at the right temperature for customers. And secondly, the carbon dioxide and nitrogen levels in the cool store and beverage area for employees.

Perished food always results in customer dissatisfaction. When your fridge is above or below the desired food temperature, food goes off – so how are you checking this and taking action at a site and network level?

When your employees go into the cool store to restock or perform other duties, is CO2 or N2 an issue? How do you know it’s safe at a site and network level?

Protecting employees against high levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen (N2) is a concern for any employer as these elements can lead to fatigue, nausea, headaches and, in extreme cases, death.

‘AS5034 – 2005 Installation and use of Beverage Dispensing Equipment, Compliance matrix section 4’ identifies the requirements for sensing and maintaining CO2 and N2 safe levels.

Our platform, Fuelsuite, is a simple and affordable solution is available for Retail Petroleum networks. It monitors fridge temperature and also has CO2 and N2 sensors that run continuously at a site and network level, whilst also monitoring a range of other devices at sites, providing a holistic Retail Petroleum risk management solution.

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