22 Nov 2019 By Russell Dupuy

How to add value to your wetstock management through Fuelsuite licensing

It’s likely you or someone you know is already providing wetstock management and maintenance services for petroleum retailers. Be that environment, asset, facilities or fuel systems management.

It’s not an easy job. But like any job, you want to do it to the best of your ability – for yourself, and your customers.

For you, I imagine that means increasing your revenue and staying relevant in a competitive industry. It’s all about the value add and what you can offer.

Your customers? Well, they want better results. They want wetstock management they can count on and want to know the assets they’ve invested in are bringing in a return.

Unfortunately, a lot of wetstock management processes are still pretty primitive, inflexible and inconsistent. This makes it hard for you to deliver on all the above. If this sounds familiar, it’s time for your wetstock management to meet the cloud.

Treat wetstock management with the respect it deserves

Wetstock management is a vital part of retail petroleum. It’s imperative for running a compliant and profitable business. And, as concerns grow and expectations around environmental impacts rise, it’s also important for fuel retailers who can’t (and don’t want to) ignore the risks of poorly managed and contained assets.

But many businesses struggle to effectively carry out wetstock management – even the largest ones.

While they may have the latest and greatest hardware installed, without the means to access and monitor the information it’s collecting, hardware can’t be used to its full potential.

Software can be the answer to connecting and translating fuel management information, but developing these sort of applications is expensive – costing millions of dollars.

Enter the cloud. Cloud technology enables access to software without installation – simply through the internet. The business model known as software as a service (Saas) allows cloud-based software to be accessed by licensees for a minimal monthly fee – anytime, anywhere.

While the model is utilised across many different industries, the petroleum fuel industry has not yet widely adopted the use of SaaS.  But more options are becoming available – and they can be incredibly beneficial.

Improve wetstock management and add value to your business

EMS is bringing its multi award-winning software, Fuelsuite®, to wetstock management businesses globally, with licenses available through a SaaS model.

Fuelsuite is a three-time IoT Awards winner and two-time Premier’s Sustainability Awards finalist that brings together EPA compliance, fuel inventory delivery, fuel reconciliation, and ATG alarms into one solution.

Fuelsuite is now available under two license models:

  1. Geographical Model – Obtain the license for a geographical area (region, state or country) for exclusive rights to utilise the software in that region without competition.
  2. Contemporary Model – Obtain a license to use for your current customers, offering a value add for them and a point of difference for our business when pursuing new customers.

Both grow your ability to build revenue and further your service offering to new and existing clients.

Beyond its ability to deliver top-notch wetstock management, Fuelsuite and EMS offer a range of services that can add value and revenue to your business:

  • Cloud-based, allowing for ease of use and accessibility
  • IoT expertise
  • Full end to end service and support training
  • Latest cutting-edge data science technologies

If you’re looking at improving your value offering to customers and deliver superior wetstock management, click here to contact EMS and discuss Fuelsuite licensing.

EMS is the creator of Fuelsuite, and a leading global provider of wetstock management solutions.