22 Nov 2017 By Russell Dupuy

Fuelsuite News: Fuelscan® will be supporting global fuel dispensers

In 2018, Fuelsuite’s® award winning enabling IoT device ‘Fuelscan®’ will be supporting the following global Dispenser brands:

  • Tokheim;
  • Tatsuno;
  • Aplab;
  • Nuovo Pignone; and
  • Avery electrical communications protocol.

Support from these brands will enable Fuelscan® to inexpensively, and passively listen to pump/dispenser communications natively without interruption to the primary forecourt controller or attenuating the dispenser signal.

This complements Fuelscan® protocol support for Gilbarco and Wayne Dresser current loop, and will enable Fuelscan® to securely push encrypted live event driven data to Fuelsuite®, whilst also monitoring price change over pump communications that automatically updates the Electronic Price Sign.

Fuelsuite® provides a visual Cloud interface to simply and easily record, monitor and manage Dispensers efficiently in retail networks for price compliance and maintenance.

See Fuelsuite in action:

This also establishes a live transactional data feed for enhanced SIR and Price analysis.

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