18 May 2016 By Ben Howell

Fuelsuite detects water in Fuel

EMS Premium ATG Monitoring service Fuelsuite avoided water being dispensed into consumers cars.

At 5:15 am one of our clients INCON TS-550 Evo Automatic Tank Gauge [ATG] detects an increase of water beyond the alarm threshold. Seconds later an alarm is automatically escalated to our 24/7 support team and our client’s headquarters.

Ordinarily this wouldn’t be an issue as most of our clients opt for the additional protection offered by TPI (Turbine Pump Interface) or Evo relay Submersible Turbine Pump [STP] control logic. This enables the ATG to automatically shut down the STP preventing water being dispensed into consumers cars. Unfortunately this site was a stand-alone ATG, which prevented the STP’s from being automatically disabled. This same scenario also applies to suction sites.

The site continued to trade on this tank despite the pending disaster of pumping water into client’s cars. Our support team monitored the ingress very closely ready to make a call to the site if the water level increased too much more as the water ingress was quite slow at this stage. Several days later the maintenance contractor arrived at site and pumped the water out of the tank, no further issues were reported.

Our support staff continued to closely monitor this tank. Even though the ATG was no longer reporting an alarm at site, our scenario analytics was triggering alarms every few hours warning our support staff that the tank was still not behaving normally. Within 48 hours the water was high enough to trigger an ATG alarm again. This time the alarm that was sent was ignored by the maintenance contractor as they assumed it was about the previous job that they completed a few days earlier.


A couple of phone calls later, the site locked out the offending grade and the maintenance contractor notified again. A tank riser was identified as the cause of water ingress into the tank and no water was pumped into consumers car thanks to the proactive Fuelsuite real time monitoring and support service.