20 Apr 2016 By Ben Howell

Fuelsuite detects another fuel leak

EMS’s premium ATG monitoring service Fuelsuite filters out the ATG alarm ‘noise’ and ensures no problem will go ignored with real time monitoring and escalation 24/7.

Read on to see an example of Fuelsuite in action, protecting our customers underground petroleum assets.

Day 1 at 11:58 PM – Franklin TS550 Evo ATG detected a loss in pressure and failed a .76 LPH line test on the PULP 98 line.

Day 2 at 1:34 AM – ATG fails a second .76 LPH line test. The line is automatically disabled to prevent the STP from turning on.

Day 2 at 8:15 AM – Support staff uses Fuelsuite to connect to the ATG and begin further scenario analysis and diagnostics. A concerning though small pressure decay beyond normal operating patterns is observed. A priority escalation is made to our client’s maintenance contractor.

Day 3 at 9:08 AM – Maintenance contractor attends site and confirms a flex pipe between the STP and rigid pipe-work isolation valve is leaking. The tank turret was slowly filling with fuel, as pictured below.



This highlights the benefits of using Electronic Line Leak Detection [ELLD] over traditional Mechanical Line Leak Detection [MLD] that can only detect an 11.4 LPH leak.

It also illustrates the benefit of remote monitoring and diagnostics, all too often an ATG alarm or event is acknowledge but not follow up or worse totally ignored.

Another fantastic result from the EMS 24/7 support team.