06 Feb 2018 By Anna Li

Fuelscan® detects lost sales at unmanned truck stop

During SIR analysis for an unmanned truck stop, a tank was flagged for investigation as the data displayed some large negative variances that were not normal characteristics of the tank. Initial checks in Fuelsuite (EMS’s remote ATG monitoring platform) did not find any ATG alarms that could suggest the cause of the poor data quality.

Rather than going through countless emails back and forth with the Fuel Management Software (FMS) company the site uses to determine the sales data issue, Fuelsuite was able to streamline the process. Fuelsuite monitors pump communications by exporting transactions captured by Fuelscan®. The data could then be compared to the FMS sales data and any differences in sales (including the time they occurred and from which pump number the sales were lost) could be pin-pointed. Discrepancies were found between the two records indicating the FMS system had missed some of the sales. The missing amount in litres almost matched the variances seen in the SIR data, confirming this was the cause of the poor data.

Following FMS’ investigation into the discrepancy, power outages at the site and lost transactions during the outages were confirmed. As the pumps do not stop dispensing when pump communications are lost with the FMS, customers filling up at the time were charged less than what they actually filled up in their vehicles.

The discrepancies between the two sales records were sent to the client’s accounts team to confirm the billing losses. Approximately $2000 was lost due to the power outages which equates to a ROI of 100%.

Although lost sales were not able to be recovered, Fuelsuite was able to quickly identify the cause and it showed losses aren’t always related to fuel leaking into the environment or theft.

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