Theft During Transport

09 Sep 2017 By Russell Dupuy

Is fuel theft during transport a problem for you?

Fuel theft from petroleum tankers in transit or during border delays is, according to a recent study, an extremely significant problem for many petroleum marketers.

This is not only isolated to South Africa, where the study is located. EMS have clients globally experiencing the same age-old problem: theft.

If you don’t have effective wetstock management systems in place, there’s a good chance your fuel inventory is at risk. Wetstock management solutions help you gain complete visibility on your gas station inventory. It allows you to monitor each fuel tank, fuel usage, potential water levels in your tanks and also leak detection.

Such systems aren’t only made to monitor fuel sites. They give you visibility on transportation of your fuel and even alert you on potential theft. Implementing these fuel inventory management systems will ensure you’re always one step ahead when it comes to fuel inventory control.   

A tank monitoring system such as closed loop monitoring is one viable method of identifying where and when fuel theft occurs in real-time.  This method monitors fuel when it goes into the tanker, measures the tanker during transport (whether stationary or moving) and then, at the point of unloading. identifies loss or gains. These discrepancies could be temperature related or they could be product removal – theft.

Our latest edge technological innovation, Fuelscan, was developed to monitor a range of level sensors in trucks, flow meter discharge at the depot or terminal, and capture in-tank movements at retail sites. All this data is pushed to Fuelsuite Cloud whenever a change occurs at any device. With this, artificial intelligence coupled with traditional fuzzy logic learns patterns to determine valid theft. This detailed tank level monitoring will ensure you’re aware of all your fuel movements at all times.  

Fuelscan supports RS232, RS485, TCP/IP, Current loop connection methodologies and range of industry protocols. If you are an equipment manufacturer with an interest to integrate, we can provide you with a range of edge and cloud integration points.

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