04 Sep 2017 By Russell Dupuy

How can I protect my sites from fuel pricing errors?

Recent changes to Australian fuel pricing laws have shaken the petroleum retail industry. Fuel retailers in NSW Australia are now legally required to report fuel prices to the government every time a price change occurs.

If you’re managing multiple stations, it can be difficult to implement price changes to your boards and fuel pumps without causing errors in fuel pricing. Manual changes create inconsistent pricing, consume valuable time, and can affect your bottom line.

By manually implementing price changes there is a much higher likelihood of fuel pricing errors, which affect your reputation with the consumer and also puts you at risk of a fine for breaking the laws of fuel price compliance.

Fuel pricing errors: the danger of manually managing fuel price changes

Manual processes for price changes are subject to human error.

Whether you change your price boards through a handheld device, by keys behind the counter, or by changing the individual number, these inefficient manual systems can lead to inconsistencies in price between the boards and pumps, as well as inconsistencies across multiple sites.

With little to no visibility over the fuel prices displayed in petrol stations, especially remote ones, this puts you at risk as errors can go undetected.

Managing multiple fuel sites with consistent fuel pricing errors means you could be subject to heavy fines from the ACCC due to a violation of consumer laws.

How can I get control of my pricing across my sites?

With all these risks, it is obvious that a new system of changing fuel prices is needed. The system would require the ability to quickly allow all price changes to happen simultaneously, consolidating the process into a single platform which can be accessed remotely. We need to eradicate the requirement for someone to be on-site to change prices as this is a highly inefficient process, especially for sites in remote areas.

A new system would need to allow higher visibility on all sites so that owners no longer had to run on the assumption that their prices were correct. A system of this nature would allow owners of multiple sites, including those in remote areas, to maintain consistent and efficient pricing methods, so there would be no danger of violating fuel price compliance laws.

Fuelsuite: The end of fuel pricing errors

Monitor and manage price board changes across multiple sites from the comfort of your desk.

Fuelsuite is a cloud-application that allows petrol organisations to monitor their fuel stations remotely and instantaneously update prices displayed on the pump to the Electronic price boards.

There are three major benefits to this solution:

  1. Ensures fuel price compliance — Fuelsuite allows instantaneous updates that ensure prices remain correct and consistent, eliminating the danger of ACCC fines.
  2. Gain a competitive edge — with pricing managed in real-time, you can rapidly update prices depending on the whims of the market, which allows you to maximise profit.
  3. Reduces the likelihood of theft — Fuelsuite allows organisations to regain control over their petrol prices by ensuring profit isn’t being lost to unethical operators who inflate their fuel prices to pocket the additional profit.

Fuelsuite brings your price change systems up to date and eliminates the risks posed by manual systems, protecting you from any ACCC fines.

To gain visibility and control across all your site’s pricing so you can achieve fuel price compliance, contact EMS today.