15 Jul 2020 By EMS

Are you losing fuel? Can you afford not to understand and address risks of these leaks on your sites?

Are you losing fuel? Can you afford not to understand and address risks of these leaks on your sites?

An ever-present threat to operators of older fuel storage facilities with single skin tanks and lines are leaks. Tanks and lines may not fail every day, but the loss of integrity of a fuelling system is difficult to detect due to the fact its underground and out of sight. We have observed from real events that leaks tend to start small but gradually increase over time, so early detection is critical to minimising the impact to the business.

Minimise the impact of costly leaks

Everyone is familiar with the headline news stories where fuel operators have polluted the environment through a fuel spillage or leak, sometimes with serious consequences for local people, property or wildlife. Apart from the cost of clean-up and damage to brand image, often severe fines are imposed. Larger companies can absorb these costs, but for smaller enterprises the effects can be terminal.

It is strongly recommended to protect your business from this threat by implementing measures to detect any leaks as quickly as possible.

Fortunately there are a number of cost-effective ways to achieve this through automation or remote monitoring services.

Fuelsuite gives you complete control from anywhere in the world

Fuelsuite brings together your EPA compliance, fuel inventory, delivery, reconciliation, price and ATG alarms within one Wetstock management solution.

This gives you the tools to effectively manage your leak detection, maintenance and fuel consumption and inventory for both above and below-ground tanks Globally.

If you’d like to find out more about improving your leak detection and fuel management, get in touch with EMS today.

Ultimately, Fuelsuite® can save your business significant time and money, eliminate a hazardous and unpleasant task and make your workplace safe. To gain accuracy and control across all your sites’ fuel inventory measurement, contact EMS today.