14 Sep 2016 By Anna Li

Are fuel giveaways hurting your business?

The customers might have been laughing, but it was no funny business for our client when their service station gave away 12,000L of fuel in under 2 months.

Our analysis software detected a huge loss of product over a short period and a call to the client prompted an immediate pump calibration which found that the meters were out of tolerance by 5.0% (weights and measures certification is 0.3%).

Thankfully the fuel was going into customers’ cars – not into the ground. With increasingly stringent global EPA regulations and guidelines regarding underground petroleum storage tanks, a product loss of this scale into the environment would be a major headache.

At the time of the incident, the client was receiving our monthly SIR analysis service which identified the issue 39 days after the site started losing fuel. Weekly analysis would have detected the issue in 7 days, at which point, the site would have only given away 981L of fuel. That’s 8% of the total fuel lost. Real-time analysis would have detected it immediately.

Our client upgraded to EMS’s Enhanced-SIR leak detection service following this incident. Issues are now detected and actioned faster and they receive weekly updates on the status of their tanks via investigation service conducted by our experienced team of analysts.