14 May 2020 By EMS

The power of real-time data is used to reduce fuel losses, lower operational costs and improve margins for fuel retailers.

Many retailers still use spreadsheets to keep track of their sales, dips and deliveries. The problem with this system (and manual systems in general), is that it is very rudimentary, prone to human error and severely outdated.

Automating such processes significantly minimises the risk to retail service stations, as well as to the environment. Real-time remote fuel monitoring alerts you to a leaking tank instantly.

From preventing any wasteful leaks, to improving the health and safety of the operating site, ensuring compliance with local regulations and laws, and improving profit and income, an automated petroleum inventory management system is worth the investment.

Fuelsuite features include:

  • Monitor  fuel levels in real-time with data rich reporting to make meaningful business decisions.
  • Display sales transactions, product advertising and promotions to customers through a secondary customer facing screen.
  • Powerful yet simple user interface, which enables fast and efficient operation.
  • Set and control security settings to match your staff’s and contractors’ roles and responsibilities.
  • Fuelsuite will automatically synchronise fuel dispenser price changes with electronic price signs.
  • Visual indication of dispenser status and active sales in real time.

Fuelsuite is the comprehensive automated fuel management solution created by fuel management expert’s EMS. Contact EMS today to learn how Fuelsuite can optimise your Wetstock Management process.

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