EMS certified to ISO90012015

08 Jun 2018 By Russell Dupuy

EMS Certified to ISO9001:2015

Environmental Monitoring Solutions Pty Ltd [EMS] is pleased to announce that we have successfully transitioned from ISO9001:2008 to ISO9001:2015.

EMS has maintained a quality management system since 2003, that has driven continuous improvement in our Leak Detection [Greenscan®] and Wetstock Management [Fuelsuite®] solutions.

This is a significant transition that simplifies quality management and continuous improvement, removes unnecessary overburden and adopts an agile approach to innovation.

More importantly, what does this mean for our customers!

Our certification is specific to our service deliverables defined as:

“The identification and resolution of issues within fuelling environments through the reporting and analysis of data using Statistical Inventory Reconciliation (SIR) and the leak detection investigation processes. The registration also covers the design and development of innovative software solutions for electronic fuel monitoring devices to be used to collect the data and the project management for the installation of these systems”

“Quality management is not a business tool, it’s a culture of continuous improvement that supports innovation, that is especially important as EMS expands it’s partner network globally” says Erica Scott Quality and Compliance manager at EMS since 2003.

We are independently audited by SAI Global, through an annual surveillance audit and tri-annual re-certification audit.

Our certification number is QEC21381.

For more information regarding our certification please contact us via