Easier than ever - Scalable remote fuel management & remote monitoring

15 Mar 2023 By EMS

Easier than ever – Scalable remote fuel management & remote monitoring

Easier than ever – Scalable remote fuel management & remote monitoring – Monitoring the fuel cycle as it is delivered to site, stored underground, and dispensed into vehicles is a fundamental responsibility for all fuel retailers.

Fuel retailers are responsible for ensuring that their customers receive a quality product at every stage of the fuel cycle. They also have an obligation to ensure that any incidents are reported and dealt with appropriately.

You know you need to comply with price regulations. You’ve got it down pat – or so you think. But did you know that all of your current practices are likely putting your business at risk?


The burden of meeting price compliance in Retail Petroleum has just become a whole lot simpler and more secure, whether you operate in a regulated or deregulated market!

Forget the clumsy practice of scraping your credit card transactions to then hopefully send securely to either an independent third party or government authority.

As a Petroleum Marketer, what if you could provide a secure, real-time method to share fuel pricing data – that you control, that is continuously up to date without having to touch it!

Fuelsuite has a long history of providing products and services to help our customers achieve first class performance when managing fuel stored underground. Through ongoing refinement and innovation over many years, we strive to make the best tools available to add real value to any forecourt enterprise.

  • Unlock real, sustainable cost savings – Fuel can disappear through many unseen causes. We aim to make sure that doesn’t happen anymore, and if it recurs, that it is identified and corrected quickly.
  • Safeguard your assets, protect your brand image – In environmentally aware times, fuel storage facilities are under scrutiny. Avoid punitive fines, protect resale values and maintain your good standing in the community.
  • Free your time, gain peace of mind – Remove the frustration, time burden and cost of chasing wetstock variances and focus more on profitability. Reduce your business concerns, knowing your fuel assets are tightly controlled.


Accurate Monitoring of Fuel Tanks in Remote Locations

Fuelsuite® is a cloud-based, fully-automated fuel pricing solution that enables site-to-site and enterprise sharing of sensitive fuel pricing data.

The multi award-winning Fuelsuite® has solved this problem, enabling single sites through to major oils to share their sensitive fuel pricing data simply and effectively and in a cost-effective manner independently of existing systems.

An optional functional benefit is that Fuelscan can also automatically update your Electronic Price Board to maintain Dispenser to Price sign synchronisation independently of the forecourt controller, POS or BOS. Especially useful for unmanned or remote sites.

Fuelsuite® Cloud then presents Fuelscan® data for the user and enterprise to ingest data via a secure end point API.

Built on Amazon Web Services IoT and Cloud platforms, Fuelsuite® is robust and secure protecting your sensitive data. To read the Amazon Fuelsuite Case Study click here:

Fuelscan support Gilbarco USA Dispenser Protocol & Sanki

Fuelscan® has always been the industry-leading source of remote fuel dispenser monitoring. But we’re always looking for ways to make it even better. That’s why our solutions also supports Gilbarco current loop dispenser protocol – USA version and Sanki Electronic Price Monitoring Solution.

This new support enables Fuelscan® to passively listen to dispenser communications without loading or interrupting the primary forecourt controller or attenuating the dispenser signal. It complements Fuelscan® protocol support for a range of Dispenser brands globally, enabling Fuelscan® to securely push encrypted live event-driven data to Fuelsuite® Cloud, whilst also monitoring price change over dispenser communications that (optionally) automatically updates the Electronic Price Sign.

This enables real-time sales transaction, price, diagnostic and hose flow rates with supporting rules to predict out of tolerance hoses that drives pro-active maintenance, resulting in greater hose availability at the right flow rate.

Fuelsuite Wetstock Monitoring Solutions means

  • Accurate fuel control reports, EVERY TIME!
  • Real-time reports and tracking
  • Instant access via multiple devices
  • Simple and fast remote setup
  • Saves you time and money — MORE PROFIT!

This is one example of Fuelsuite® functionality, to learn more about how Fuelsuite® can help transform your retail petroleum business please contact us via [email protected] or get in touch with us here.

To learn more about the additional benefits of Fuelsuite® such as dynamic leak detection, inventory and alarm management and fuel system maintenance please contact us at [email protected] or get in touch with us here.