15 Jun 2021 By EMS

Detecting fuel system leaks in real time 24/7

Continuous Reconciliation – Detecting fuel system leaks in real time 24/7

The risks around Wetstock storage

As most fuel is stored in underground storage tanks, if there are leaks, it is easier for the fuel to enter the underground water system and pollute the groundwater which in many cases provides drinking water to local communities.

Given the significant risks to health & safety of people and the environment, the storage of petrol at retail & private stores is controlled by specific legislation which requires such storage to be licenced with conditions requiring all practicable steps to be taken to prevent accident by fire, explosion or escape of fuel.

The risks involved if fuel leaks result from fuel stations into contamination of soil and groundwater includes:

  • Fines from the EPA that can be as high as $1 million,
  • Extensive clean-up costs,
  • Loss of product and revenue,
  • Loss of customers due to poor fuel quality, and
  • Pump/tank closures.

The level of risk from the storage and dispensing of motor fuels increases when petrol stations are located in urban areas, as they are surrounded by private or commercial premises. Therefore the need for consistent and accurate monitoring of petrol delivered, stored and dispensed at any petrol station in order to detect leaks from each underground tank and connected pipeline system, is essential.

An effective Wetstock Inventory Management System will comply with legislative requirements as all petrol station operators will be required to carry out a risk assessment for their operation and ensure that adequate controls are put in place.

Fuelsuite is a fully automatic, most accurate, certified system for reconciliation and detection of fuel leaks at fuel stations. An award-winning Wetstock management solution for reducing fuel losses, detecting leaks and controlling end-to-end deliveries

One solution, full control

  • Manage fuel stations in a smart way.
  • Fuelsuite ensures remote monitoring of fuel tanks, reduction of fuel losses, leak detection and control of supplies at petrol stations.
  • Enables delivery audits.
  • Identify cases of probable defects caused during transportation process (e.g. inaccuracy of nozzles, tank leak, unlawful external actions), which are the basis for complaints and control of deliveries.
  • Fuelsuite helps you gain control over your fuel along the entire supply path from the terminal to the individual customer at the service station.

 Monitor remotely, manage intelligently

Fuelsuite brings together your EPA compliance, fuel inventory, delivery, reconciliation, price and ATG alarms within one Wetstock management solution. This gives you the tools to effectively manage your leak detection, maintenance and fuel consumption and inventory for both above and below-ground tanks Globally.

So if you’re experiencing stock variance you will instantly be able to determine whether your losses are:

  • Normal or abnormal
  • Caused by a tank leak
  • Due to technical fault
  • Following a continuous pattern
  • Fuel theft or fraud

This information allows you to quickly and effectively rectify the issue, saving time, money and reputation, allowing you to continue to run a reliable and profitable operation. Using a cloud-based remote Wetstock management solution, you can easily schedule various reports such as inventory, delivery, reconciliation and alarms, etc.

Our 24/7 support service monitors your critical alarms in the background and escalates (if you choose) to your service contractor to attend and resolve.

If you’d like more information about Fuelsuite before applying please download our PDF brochure here or contact us here.