24 Nov 2017 By Russell Dupuy

Detecting fuel contamination in real time

Fuel contamination can be disastrous to a business, often to leading to a loss of business and customer dissatisfaction.

A Mobil fuel station in Slade Point, Queensland, experienced such a problem recently. The story was covered by news website, the Daily Mercury, and it highlights the consequences of fuel contamination:

One of the region’s most popular little service stations, the Mobil at Slade Point, lost business over the debacle, and worse, dozens of cars were reported to have broken down or experienced problems because of it.

Business owner Kuldeep Sadhu said about 12 customers had spoken to him about contaminated fuel, and RACQ confirmed six jobs, all of the cars requiring towing.

It’s believed an amount of water got into a batch of fuel. Malifai ‘Ufai’ Kii fuelled up about 1pm Saturday and only made it two kilometres up the road when her car stopped.

Read the full article by Jacob Miley here.

Unfortunately this situation is common. The source of the fuel contamination is often when water enters a fuel storage tank. Fortunately, there is a solution.

Fuelsuite® dynamically monitors in-tank water for level and changes, filters out noise during deliveries and sludge to produce accurate water detection with immediate alerting to the right person within seconds.

The following chart highlights in 30 second increments, a probe water float movement during a delivery to ensure false positives are not escalated. Fuelsuite® also continuously models a range of other parameters such as in-tank temperature for vapour evaporation, and in estimating carbon emissions.


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