Chinese Petroleum Retailers Visit Australia

21 Jun 2018 By Russell Dupuy

Chinese Petroleum Retailers Visit Australia

A delegation from China National Petroleum Corporation [CNPC] and Franklin Fueling Systems China recently visited Australia to learn how Australian Independent Petroleum Retailers manage their petrol/convenience offering and the latest in fuel management technology.

The purpose of the visit was to learn from successful petrol – convenience offerings from a diverse range of prominent Australian petroleum retailers.

Hosted and organised by Environmental Monitoring Solutions Pty Ltd, the tour began with a visit to the long-standing and successful BP branded Carrum Downs Petrol Station, independently owned/operated by Endeavour Petroleum for many years. Operations Manager Mark Decleva shared how they position their offer to meet the needs of their immediate consumers through a strong brand where the offer is tailored site by site to meet the demographic and geographic needs of their local customers.

The delegations then moved onto APCO Cranbourne West, another long-standing, well known and widely respected retailer with locations across outer metro Melbourne and Geelong in Victoria. Franchisee husband and wife team Sandy and Rami provided the delegates with a very thorough walk through encompassing all aspects of their large facility with a different demographic to other sites.

The first day finished with a personal and very passionate guided tour by George and Nic Andrianopoulos of the very successful generational family business of AA Petroleum, giving the delegates a futuristic perspective at the Eastlink Inbound travel centre. The twin sites feature a massive retail/truck offering inclusive of car/truck wash, multi fast food offering with rest areas for travelling families complemented with a comprehensive convenience offering for a quick stop or rest break for the weary traveller or trucker.

Day two took the delegates to Southwest of Melbourne, waterfront city of Geelong with a personal tour of the North Geelong and Grovedale crown jewel sites of APCO by father and sons owners Ron, Robert and Peter Anderson of the long-standing and well-respected family business APCO.

The APCO team put on a full and fresh lunch service for the visitors to truly appreciate the convenience offering, taking the time to explain the unique offering and how it differentiates the APCO brand.

The EMS team would like to sincerely thank and acknowledge Endeavour Petroleum, APCO and AA Petroleum and Franklin Fueling for making this possible and openly sharing their success for the benefit of the visitors.

To learn more, or if you would like to connect with Australian petroleum retailers in the same way, or arrange a tour please contact EMS via email: or leave us a message here.