18 Mar 2020 By EMS

Can you afford not to understand and address the risk of fuel leaks on your sites?

What is WSM?

Wetstock Management (WSM) provides key management analysis and reporting to prevent losses and maximize your profits by giving you a live/hourly/daily/weekly snapshot of pass/fail statistics on your tanks.

Utilizing the WSM system, a fuel retailer can: 

  • Avoid fuel losses due to unauthorized fuel removal, leaks (pipes & tanks), and short deliveries
  • Minimize inefficiencies caused by over dispensing of fuel, slow dispensing, and fuel shortages
  • Protect the environment by meeting the national & local regulations

Why Fuelsuite? 

EMS is the creator of Fuelsuite, and a leading global provider of Wetstock management solutions.

Fuelsuite brings together your EPA compliance, fuel inventory, delivery, reconciliation, price and ATG alarms within one Wetstock management solution. This gives you the tools to effectively manage your leak detection, maintenance and fuel consumption and inventory for both above and below-ground tanks Globally.

How does Fuelsuite work?

Fuelsuite either polls Automatic Tank Gauge’s [ATG] directly, or where more information is available via Fuelscan, communicates with ATG’s, pump communications, and a vast range of sensor inputs at your fuel station. Our servers collate the information into Fuelsuite making it available to you in real time – removing the need to visit site and manually collect data, check sensors and monitor wells and fuel tanks.

With Fuelsuite you can:

  • Get complete control from anywhere in the world
  • Get automated 24/7 support service
  • Manage Fuel delivery from the comfort of your desk
  • Manage Fuel reconciliation – Get an A+ on your SIR report
  • Manage Fuel purchasing and predicting the future of fuel sales
  • Control Price board changes: Instantaneous action with the click of a button
  • Manage maintenance and outages: Find the pain faster and more accurately

Simple to use system:

  • Provides you with a simple, single interface; negating the need for multiple and disparate third party applications
  • Presents the same data via the Cloud presenting inventory, deliveries and movement for all product grades in a uniform format
  • Gives you complete visibility over your Wetstock management from a single location, in one cloud-based solution

If you’re looking at improving your value offering to customers and deliver superior Wetstock management, click here to contact EMS and discuss Fuelsuite licensing.