31 Aug 2016 By Russell Dupuy

Artificial Intelligence or Sophisticated Software?

Ever think your computer software knows something you don’t?

EMS’s environmental management program Greenscan seemed to have a mind of its own when it picked up an issue at one of our client’s sites.

Greenscan, which is utilised for SIR leak detection, incorporates temperature modelling allowing you to tailor your analysis to specific conditions based on climate and location as well as the distance of your tanks from their fuel supply terminal.

After desktop audits, inspections of above ground assets, calibration of meters and numerous water paste tests, Greenscan wasn’t satisfied. There was still an issue with this tank. Somehow, it was gaining fuel at a rate of over 18L/d, the EPA test threshold for SIR Analysis.

And it was right.

A follow up visit to the site revealed a leak in the above ground assets which was not discovered during the initial inspections. The line was leaking fuel back into the tank, hence the SIR Analysis results.

Finally, Greenscan was happy. The issue was resolved and the tank is now passing SIR Analysis.

Greenscan proved itself reliable with its robust analytics and humanlike persistence, a human characteristic seen in our Wetstock Analysts.