13 Jul 2021 By EMS

Are you using your ATG investment smartly?

Are you using your ATG investment smartly?

What is an ATG

An Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) is a method of measuring the volume levels of fuel inside of large, industrial-sized tanks. An ATG provides a safe and easily accessible solution to managing Wetstock and providing accurate estimates of both fuel and water levels.

More than just recording fuel levels

ATGs are a valuable investment for every retail network. But without an intelligent logic overlay to filter, categorise and prioritise the information they provide, critical alarms can be lost in the noise. Maximising this investment requires integrating the ATGs with smart alarm software, enabling retailers to save millions of dollars annually and move further into forecourt automation.
Despite the benefits of using an ATG, many enterprises continue using the outdated methods eg Dip Stick, Manual Fuel monitoring etc to manage their Wetstock. Although an ATG is considered to be a highly desirable piece of equipment, it’s often dismissed as ‘too expensive’ before the benefits can even be considered.

  • Some benefits and important factors you need to consider before investing in ATG are:
  • Highly accurate electronic systems that accounts for fuel and water.
  • Remote access of tank readings, no safety risk.
  • Live readings are accessible at any time.
  • There is no cost associated with ongoing maintenance.
  • The ATG console is located safely inside the office, and can be accessed remotely, the information can be accessed to all users whenever needed.

An ATG is an investment for a long-term solution

In just five years an ATG will pay for itself, ensure accurate readings of tank levels, and provide easy access and safety to all those managing it.
Many organisations purchase ATG systems as they are a proven solution to the once arduous job of manual tank measuring – but they leave it at that. In truth, ATG’s can be used for more than just recording fuel levels and are heavily underutilised by many who buy them. Harnessing the potential of your ATG isn’t hard – and can turn this device into an incredibly helpful and profitable investment.

But, ATG’s cannot work alone

While ATG’s eliminate the need for manual fuel tracking, the system is not – as many believe – something that you can ‘set and forget’. ATG’s need to be monitored not only for fuel movements but for abnormalities, warning and alarms. The system won’t stop a problem, but simply alert you when one arises. Not monitoring your system – or listening to the alarms – means your ATG was a waste of money, and the risks you were aiming to mitigate are still very real.
ATG’s need to be integrated with other onsite systems to leverage on your investment at an enterprise level, and to improve your reporting, monitoring, inventory control, ordering, risk management, fraud and more.

How Fuelsuite works with your ATG

  • Fuelsuite brings together your EPA compliance, fuel inventory, delivery, reconciliation, price and ATG alarms within one Wetstock Management solution. This gives you the tools to effectively manage your leak detection, maintenance and fuel consumption and inventory for both above and below-ground tanks Globally.
  • Fuelsuite polls the ATG via various connection methodologies to retrieve data such as: Alarms, Inventory, Leak detection, Deliveries, Diagnostics, Sales transactions, Line pressure, Sensor and Vapour Recovery for the purpose of analytics, presentation and reporting for asset management and performance.
  • Our servers collate the information into Fuelsuite making it available to you in real time – removing the need to visit site and manually collect data, check sensors and monitor wells and fuel tank levels.
  • Fuelsuite is an all-round, remote Wetstock Management system that allows you to regain visibility over your fuel site operations using real-time data.

Manage as if you were actually on site

You control who gets what…and when. Using a cloud-based remote Wetstock Management solution, you can easily schedule various reports such as inventory, delivery, reconciliation and alarms, etc. Our 24/7 support service monitors your critical alarms in the background and escalates (if you choose) to your service contractor to attend and resolve.
With Fuelsuite you can compare settings and check your programming status and security on a daily basis. Whether you operate 25 or 1,000 retail or commercial fueling facilities, Fuelsuite has your Fuel Risk Management, Fuel Operations and Fuel Asset Management covered.

With today’s significant costs for cleanups, these systems are invaluable for the early or immediate detection of any system problems that may result in a release to the environment.
If you’re concerned that your ATG isn’t performing, could have been compromised or may not be the right solution for your fuel site, get in touch with EMS today to find the right solution for you

If you’d like more information about Fuelsuite before applying please download our PDF brochure here or contact us here.