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23 Jan 2022 By EMS

Are you ready for an awesome work culture that propels employees to greatness?

Careers with EMS – Have you tried taking your work-life balance seriously? Are you currently trying to juggle a home/family life with work? At EMS we understand that we all have lives and responsibilities outside of work, in fact, it’s something that we actively support and encourage by offering a more flexible approach to work. We firmly believe that this both fosters employee wellbeing and promotes productivity- so a real win-win for everyone and a no-brainer.

At EMS we believe that our people are our greatest asset, and that company culture is key to our success. We want a team of people who can work autonomously and collaboratively within a social environment and fun office space. Join us as we are going through an exciting period in the company.

At EMS we believe that our people are our greatest asset, and that company culture is key to our success.

We are a team of people with different backgrounds, lifestyles and preferences but we share the same values, work ethic and passion for EMS. We strive to be an employer of choice and a place where people can enjoy their work. We support our people to take ownership of a job well done by providing a flexible working environment. This helps us keep up-to-date with the diverse needs of today’s global business landscape.


Flexible working – we’re making it a reality

While most companies cringe at the thought of employees not being in the office, we have purposely crafted our business model to be more accepting of remote workstyles. Why? We believe that employees are assets, not liabilities and we strive to recruit from a global talent pool where candidates currently working from home or abroad should not be discriminated against on account of their location. With this in mind, we offer flexible working opportunities for all our employees so that they may apply their energy and focus directly into supporting its clients around the world.

The Flexible Work Policy has been introduced to provide employees with more freedom and responsibility when it comes to managing their time. We encourage employees to manage their own time more effectively through self-organization, time management planning and effective use of communication tools.

To promote a healthy work life balance and to accommodate individual employee circumstances (e.g. parents), we operate a hybrid office/remote working model with flexible nonlinear workdays.

This policy is also aligned with our recruitment strategy which highlights the importance we place on individuals’ ability to work independently and make decisions in line with company goals.

We are working on a global level and continuously need to adapt to the diverse cultures of our employees. We believe that this flexibility within our office environment allows employees to feel comfortable working in the way that suits them best. We really trust our employees to get their tasks done and let them decide when they are most productive while being held accountable for meeting key deadlines.

A Happy & Healthy Work Life Balance

Careers at EMS

Furthermore, the structure of the business encourages employees to live balanced lifestyles by offering four weeks  annual leave which can be taken in a non-consecutive way. Additionally, we have a range of policies designed to enable a work-life balance, including; flexible start and finish times each day, monthly staff lunches and social events, one hour per week to volunteer for charity or community organisations and a free yoga session for all employees every week. Regular companywide social events, webinars and team events are held throughout the year.

Our free weekly Yoga session is available to all employees and has proved popular with staff members as it provides an opportunity for them to refresh themselves at work and de-stress before returning back to their daily activities. Everyone is encouraged to attend these sessions.

Offering the Future of Work – How We’re Remaking the Workplace at EMS

Candidates for employment are selected based purely on their perceived ability to perform the role, through using a non-biased scoring system. Hiring with a non-biased scoring system is not just fairer for the candidates, it means that we hire the best person for the job.

Are you a hard worker? We are, so we expect you to work as hard as we do.

We are currently hiring a trainee Wetstock Analyst and a Developer to join our team. If interested, email your CV and Cover letter to [email protected].


Our Story

Environmental Monitoring Solutions Pty Ltd (EMS) has been specialising in Wetstock Management (SIR Leak Detection and Real-time Fuel Data analytics) and Forecourt Automation (Automatic Tank Gauging, Submersible Turbine Pumps) for the past 25 years.

Over this time, EMS has developed our own intellectual property to deliver high value, certified Greenscan SIR Leak Detection services, complemented by Fuelsuite our remote monitoring and 24/7 support service that keeps our client’s sites operational around the clock, whilst reducing environmental exposure and lowering maintenance budgets.

Our products and services keep our clients fuel systems fully operational, whether it’s fuelling the Boeing F/A-18F      Super Hornets, a typical retail petrol station, a fleet of CAT793F trucks at Roy Hill, the Power Station at Cloud Break in the Pilbara, or clean fuel at Nadi Airport Fiji. We have fuel automation solutions for all fuelling and transport businesses.